Research & Economic Development provides update on government shutdown impact

We would like to inform you there have been no official updates regarding the Government Shutdown since our previous email of December 26, 2018. The Division of Research & Economic Development is continuing to closely monitor the Government Shutdown and the potential impacts on our students, faculty and staff and research programs. We have updated our website to reflect the information below and will continue to provide up to date information as we can.

Again, we will continue with business as usual within any constraints created by unavailable sponsor systems and staff with the goal to process items received to the extent possible, and we will keep the UND research community apprised of the outcomes related to the shutdown. To the best of our knowledge the shutdown may affect application submission, award processing, no-cost extensions and other tasks that require federal sponsor interactions for agencies affected. No awards (including new, supplemental and continuation awards) will be issued by federal sponsors affected during the shutdown. Federal awards under negotiation at the time of the shutdown may be put on hold by the sponsor. For agencies and programs affected, program officers, grant specialists and contracting officers most likely will be unavailable to answer questions or provide support.

We expect to remain open for proposal submissions, but they will not be forwarded to affected federal sponsor agencies. These applications will be in a holding pattern in

Here is a link to the Office of Management and Budget website that contains generic guidelines prepared by each agency:

We will continue to provide updates to campus as the situation develops.