January 2019 U-Shine Award recipient is Linda Grinde

UND Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the January 2019 UShine Award recipient is Linda Grinde, Airport Inventory Technician for UND Flight Services. She was nominated by Scott MacMillan. The nomination stated:

On Monday, Dec. 31, I witnessed Linda stop and pick up several international students and give them a ride to their destination. These new students were unfamiliar with the weather conditions in North Dakota. They just had jackets on with no gloves and hats and they were walking in -15 below with a wind chill factor of -35! Some students were showing signs of redness on their hands and ears. Linda informed the students about the very cold and changing weather conditions in North Dakota and they should be aware of the temperature every day. I know this will seem to not be a big deal to some who live in North Dakota, but Linda went above and beyond by giving these students a ride before she came to work that day. Taking the time to help others and inform our international students the importance of being aware of the changing weather is the reason I nominate Linda Grinde for the UShine Award.

PS:  At the presentation, we found out it was SEVEN students and Linda said, “Thank God they were all skinny!”

We Agree Linda! U-SHINE!

The UShine Award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who goes out of his or her way to make UND a better place. All UShine Award winners receive a certificate and a one-time $50 bonus, which is added to their next paycheck. They also receive a gift certificate from the North Dakota Museum of Art Cafe.

For more information on the UShine Award or to nominate a colleague, click here: UShine Nomination