Campus moves detailed as of June 10

Following are the campus moves as of June 10.

As of 6/10/2019
Memorial Union Moves
Office Current Location Future Location Move Date Mover
Associate Dean of Students & Director of Student Involvement & Parent Programs Memorial Union 314E McCannel 280 Move Complete  
Athletic Ticket Office Memorial Union 149 Hyslop 110, 114, 120/Online Move Complete  
CVIC @ UND Memorial Union 262 McCannel 220 Move Complete  
Dakota Student Memorial Union 8 Housing Office Move Complete  
Dining Services Catering Manager & Coordinator Swanson 6 Wilkerson 109 Move Complete  
Dining Services Staff (OMM) Memorial Union 122 Squires 10 Move Complete  
Disability Student Services McCannel 190 McCannel 271/290 Move Complete  
Food Pantry Memorial Union 12 Wilkerson 169 Move Complete  
Green Room/Bookstore Memorial Union 148 Will Close and Not Reopen Move Complete  
International Center Memorial Union 261/278 McCannel 190 Move Complete  
Little Bangkok Memorial Union 21 Squires Dining Center Move Complete  
Memorial Union Staff & Info Line Memorial Union 104-107 Housing Office Move Complete  
Memorial Union Furnishings Various Various Move Complete  
Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities Memorial Union 300 Suite McCannel 280 Move Complete  
One-Stop Student Services Memorial Union 136 Twamley 204 Move Complete  
Post Office Memorial Union 16 UND Bookstore Move Complete  
Pride Center Memorial Union 219 Wilkerson 107 Move Complete  
VP for Student Affairs & Diversity & Staff Memorial Union 314 and Twamley 307 McCannel 280 Move Complete  
Stomping Grounds Memorial Union 144 Columbia Hall B104    
Student Diversity and Inclusion Memorial Union 314 Suite American Indian Center 102, 104, 106, Move Complete  
Student Involvement and Parent Programs Staff Memorial Union 113 Suite Wilkerson 111B/C/D/E, 181 Move Complete  
Student Government Memorial Union 134 Wilkerson 181A Move Complete  
TIAA Memorial Union 7 Center for Innovation Move Complete  
Union Express Convenience Store Memorial Union 132 O’Kelly 19 Move Complete  
University Credit Union Memorial Union 2 Bronson Property May 13-17 Self (Off Campus)
University IT Memorial Union 1,3; Carnegie 1,3,5,10; CTS 219 Chester Fritz Library Start June 24th Hannaher’s  + Fettes or Whalen’s
University Police Substation Memorial Union 20 Will Not Reopen All Items Surplus  


Twamley Hall Moves
Office Current Location Future Location Move Date Mover
Academic Core Advisors Twamley 103 Twamley 115 Move Complete  
Associate VP for Finance Twamley 314 Twamley 415 Move Complete  
Business Service Center Twamley 204 Twamley 409 Move Complete  
Ceremonies and Events Twamley 407 Skalicky 175 Move Complete  
Career Services McCannel 280 Twamley 103, 106 Move Complete  
Chief Information Officer Twamley 403 Twamley 205 Move Complete  
Controller/Treasury Twamley 115 Twamley 409 Move Complete  
Equal Opportunity &Title IX Twamley 401 Twamley 102 Move Complete  
Grants and Contracts Accounting Twamley 100 TBD TBD TBD
School of Graduate Studies Twamley 205 Twamley 105 Move Complete  
Student Success McCannel 280 Twamley 115 Move Complete  
Procurement & Payment Services Twamley 115 Twamley 409 Move Complete  
UND Today Twamley 411 Skalicky 175 Move Complete  
Vice Provost/Academic Affairs Twamley 309 Twamley 205 Move Complete  
Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management Twamley 213 Twamley 307 Move Complete  
VP for Marketing & Communications Twamley 309 Skalicky June 13 Grounds
University Analytics & Planning Twamley 114 CTS building Move Complete