Policies Posted for Campus Comment and Notification of Approval

A number of documents have been posted to the Policy Office website for campus comment and notification of approval.

Policies Open for Comment

Policies open to comment may be reviewed and commented on by going directly to the Policy Comment Periods & Approvals webpage or by clicking the links below. The final policy document will take into consideration feedback received during the campus-wide comment period.

Special Assistant Attorney General (SAAG) Appointments – New. Comments due Oct. 18, 2019

As per North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) Section 54-12-08, UND may not employ legal counsel except upon written appointment by the attorney general. Moreover, NDCC Section 54-12-13, requires UND to submit a monthly report of expenditures incurred by SAAG appointments (including, but not limited to paralegal, support staff and other expenses) to the North Dakota Office of Attorney General. The process outlined herein provides overall continuity in the request of SAAG appointments and consistency in bills received for services.

Contact Office of the VPFPO (777-4392), if you have questions or submit your comment.

Policies Newly Implemented/Approved

Policies that have gone through the standard development process become official after being signed by the president. Please note, minor modifications to policies do not require presidential approval.

Distribution of Information through Posters, Fixed Exhibits or Chalking – New. Signed Sept. 24, 2019

UND may establish reasonable regulations regarding the time, place, and manner in which individuals can post in or around UND facilities. This policy is not intended to impede normal day-to-day operations of the University.

All commercial posting by off-campus businesses, organizations, entities and individuals is prohibited unless sponsored by a recognized student organization or a University department, school, division, or office. The content of the postings may not contain any material that is inconsistent with university and state board policies or local, state or federal laws.

Posted materials that fail to comply with this policy may be removed, and the expense associated with removal may be charged to the responsible department, business unit, student organization or individual(s). Additionally, any damages associated with posted materials may also be charged to the responsible department, business unit, student organization or individual(s).

Employees or students who violate this policy may face disciplinary action up to and including suspension or termination.

Contact Public Safety (777-3341), if you have questions.

Agreement and Contract Authorization – Revised. Transitioned from old policy library to PolicyStat.

Agreements or contracts binding the University of North Dakota (UND) require review per North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) policy and North Dakota University System (NDUS) procedure. Review of agreements or contracts will be conducted by legal counsel or qualified person, and signed by the president unless otherwise delegated.

Standard form agreements or contracts that are substantially equivalent to documents previously reviewed by legal counsel or other qualified person do not require review each time they are used or minimally altered. Departments must submit their contracts to legal counsel for review at least once every two years. Standard form agreements or contracts should have the date of inception or first use and date of most recent review in the footer of the document.

Contact Procurement & Payment Services (777-2771), if you have questions.

Care and Upkeep of Educational and Work Areas Procedures Revised. Transitioned from old policy library to PolicyStat.

The University of North Dakota (UND) strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Proper care and upkeep of educational and work areas reduces the opportunity for occupational injuries and illnesses. The guidelines outlined in this document represent acceptable practices for routine housekeeping to ensure educational and work areas are maintained in a clean manner and present an acceptable appearance.

Contact Public Safety (777-3341), if you have questions.

Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers – Revised. Clarified content, added content pertinent to students, transitioned from old policy library to PolicyStat.

The University of North Dakota (UND) aims to provide a supportive and flexible environment for employees and students as they transition back to work and/or school after the birth of a child. The University provides reasonable time away from work or the classroom for lactating mothers to express breast milk. Moreover, it will make reasonable efforts to provide a private room or other location in proximity to work and class for such activity.

Contact Human Resources (777-4361), if you have questions.

Communicable Diseases – Revised. Transitioned from old policy library to PolicyStat.

The University of North Dakota (UND) endeavors to minimize the risk of contracting and/or spreading communicable diseases in work settings. As such, UND has established operating procedures addressing exposure to communicable diseases, the treatment of an exposure, and subsequent follow-up required after an exposure, while complying with state and federal laws regarding both privacy and disease reporting.

Contact Public Safety (777-3341), if you have questions.

Change in University Operating Status – Revised. Added Procedures: Change in Operating Status for Online Courses.

The University of North Dakota (UND) may change its operating status during and surrounding periods of inclement weather, public safety incidents, or other declared emergency situations. At such times, the University has a prescribed method for evaluation and communication of these changes to University staff, faculty, and students. Academic and administrative units are expected to abide by any decision made by the president or his/her appointed designee regarding operating status.

Contact Public Safety (777-3341), if you have questions. 

To search campus policies, utilize UND’s policy library. Want your department’s policies added to the library? Contact Jen Rogers for additional information (777-4392 or jen.rogers@UND.edu).