Wireless authentication will be upgraded over winter break

Over winter break, the wireless network authentication on campus will be transitioning from our current SafeConnect access control system to the Cisco ISE access control system. The new system will provide a better login experience for users as well as additional management utilities for network administrators to proactively troubleshoot wireless issues. Wired or remote access to the UND network will not be impacted during this change.
The new wireless system is comprised of three networks: UND-Secure, UND-Open, and UND-Guest.
What does this mean for you?
  • UND Secure: The current “UND-Secure” encrypted wireless is being replaced with a wireless network that has the same name, “UND-Secure.”  If you are currently using the SafeConnect “UND-Secure” network, you will automatically be moved to the new “UND-Secure” network.  No action is needed by you.
  • UND Open: The current UND unencrypted wireless network called “UND” is being replaced with “UND-Open” unencrypted wireless network.
    • It is recommended that students, faculty, and staff using “UND” wireless transition over to the “UND-Secure” as it offers complete encryption between endpoints.
    • The “UND” network will continue to be available for a short time to allow you to transition to the “UND-Secure” network. Additional notice will be sent out before the UND wireless network becomes unavailable.
  • UND Guest: The “UND-Guest” wireless network is a new network that is intended for people who need wireless access for a limited amount of time. This wireless network is for UND affiliates who do not have a dotted identifier and guests visiting the campus.
Additional communication will be sent out before winter break with the exact dates of the changes. Please contact UND Tech Support with questions.
UND Tech Support
University Information Technology
University of North Dakota
Phone: 1.701.777.2222