Workplace disability accommodations policy signed

UND’s workplace disability accommodations policy has been posted to the Policy Office website for notification of approval.

Policies that have gone through the standard development process become official after being signed by the president. Please note, minor modifications to policies do not require presidential approval.

Workplace Disability Accommodations  – New. Signed Dec. 2, 2019

The University of North Dakota (UND) is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity. UND will provide reasonable accommodations for employees and applicants for employment with disabilities, as required by law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the North Dakota Human Rights Act.

Student requests for disability accommodations not related to work are addressed in the Code of Student Life..

UND adheres to applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines to effectively and timely provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities. UND adopts this policy with a commitment to providing equal employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities. This policy sets forth the University’s process to receive, consider, and implement reasonable workplace accommodations.

Contact Human Resources (777-4226) or Equal Opportunity/Title IX (777-4171), if you have questions.

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