Use of Controlled Substances in Research policy posted for comments

UND’s Use of Controlled Substances in Research policy has been posted to the Policy Office website for campus comment.

Policies open to comment may be reviewed and commented on by going directly to the Policy Comment Periods & Approvals webpage or by clicking the links below. The final policy document will take into consideration feedback received during the campus-wide comment period.

Use of Controlled Substances in ResearchNew. Comments due Jan. 31

UND is subject to federal jurisdiction regarding compliance in the use and disposal of pharmaceutical substances deemed controlled by the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy. Due to their abuse potential, controlled substances are subject to licensing, registration, storage, security, use, and disposal requirements. This policy endeavors to ensure UND faculty, staff and students will be in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Contact Office of Research Compliance & Ethics (777-4279) or Office of Safety (777-3341), if you have questions or submit your comment.

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