Schedule Midterm Student Feedback – SGID

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) is a voluntary, confidential feedback process administered by the Teaching Transformation and Development Academy that enables instructors to get frank, useful comments from students on a course that is still in progress.

Designed to increase communication between the students and the instructor, with the aim of improving learning in the class, the process uses small group student interviews to identify strengths of the course, areas of student concern, and possible ways to address those concerns. Anyone teaching a class at UND may request an SGID. This includes faculty, part-time instructors, and GTAs and all SGIDs are conducted by volunteer SGID facilitators – UND faculty members who receive special training in how to conduct instructor and student interviews according to the established SGID process.

Although SGIDs are conducted around the middle of the semester it is a good idea to make a place for them in your course calendar now. You need to have enough time remaining in the course to make meaningful changes based on the feedback provided, so all spring semester SGIDs must be completed by April 10, 2020.

Click here to request an SGID.

If you have additional questions about requesting an SGID, please contact Chelsea Lupien.