Pedestrian hybrid beacons installed on University Ave.

As part of the University Avenue Reconstruction Project, two new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons have been installed at the Chester Fritz Library crossing and at the Memorial Union crossing.

Research from the Federal Highway Administration Study on Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons shows:

  • Serious injury and fatal crashes reduced by 15%
  • Pedestrian crashes reduced by 55%
  • 96% driver compliance when PHB was active
  • Total crashes reduced by 29%
  • 50% less delay compared to traditional signalized crossings

The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon operates differently than traditional signals, especially for drivers.  Pedestrians and drivers are encouraged to review information on interacting with these Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons by visiting this graphic (Image credit: City of Austin Texas) or this video.

For more information, please call the City of Grand Forks Engineering Division at 701-746-2640.

— UND Facilities Management