Biology graduate student selected to take part in U.S. Fish & Wildlife program

Tedd Darnell
Tedd Darnell

Tedd Darnell, a UND graduate student in biology and U.S. Army veteran, has been selected to participate in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Directorate Resource Assistants Fellows Program.

This competitive program works in collaboration with several different conservation organizations to recruit and administer the 11-week Directorate Fellows Program. Darnell will work with American Conservation Experience  to assist with the U.S FWS reintroduction program of the Mexican gray wolf, primarily through data analysis.

Darnell, who served in the U.S. Army, attended Montana Tech University in Butte, Mont., and transferred to UND in 2015. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2017.

The next year, he began his master’s program in biology with a focus in fisheries and wildlife biology. He worked in the lab of Jay Boulanger, assistant professor of wildlife ecology & human dimensions, where he investigated the attitudes of North Dakota residents toward the state’s mountain lion population.

“This work aids wildlife managers in their conservation efforts by providing them with an understanding of the social climate surrounding this charismatic animal,” Darnell said. He added that the opportunity at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service fits well with his master’s thesis, and will help him gain experience in wildlife management.

“The knowledge, experience and learning opportunities provided through UND’s wildlife biology staff greatly aided in establishing me as a top competitor for this prestigious opportunity,” Darnell said. “I hope it will inspire and encourage other students. UND consistently produces highly competitive, experienced professionals doing great things for wildlife biology.”

“This award is extremely prestigious,” said Susan Ellis-Felege, associate professor of wildlife ecology & management in the UND Department of Biology. “Students who receive these competitive fellowships have a foot in the door with federal agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.”

“As Tedd’s advisor, I could not be prouder of his accomplishments,” said Jay Boulanger. “Tedd is a shining example of the type of outstanding graduate students that we are fortunate to mentor in UND’s fisheries & wildlife biology program.”