Haley Hamilton receives UND Graduate Studies Excellence in Teaching Award

Haley Hamilton
Haley Hamilton

Haley Hamilton, a fourth-year doctoral student in English, has received the UND School of Graduate Studies Excellence in Teaching Award.

This award is given to a student who demonstrates excellence in teaching and mentorship during their graduate teaching assistantship appointment.

Hamilton, who grew up in East Grand Forks, holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts and literature education and a master’s in English literature from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

She was nominated for the award by Michael Flynn, associate professor of English and her doctoral advisor.

“Like several other members of the English department, I consider Haley one of our best, most responsible, and most versatile graduate instructors,” Flynn said. “Haley, like many of our graduate students, was assigned to teach composition, and she sought out even more composition theory than we normally teach to our graduate instructors. The department’s faith in her led to being assigned 200-level literature courses as well.”

Flynn said Hamilton also volunteered to teach an introductory creative writing class.

“When I visited her class, it was clear that she’d cultivated the persona of a fellow learner,” Flynn continued. “Students were clearly willing to take risks and try new things because they saw Haley as a fellow learner and fellow risk-taker. She is a worthy recipient of the award for excellence in teaching.”

Hamilton, who is studying Victorian literature with a concentration in feminist theory, taught high school after earning her undergraduate degree.

“I have been a teacher for a decade,” Hamilton said. “It is a challenging, exciting, invigorating and rewarding career.  I am honored to receive this award, and I thank the School of Graduate Studies for creating an award that recognizes the important of graduate students who teach. The focus tends to be on producing work and research, yet teachers and teaching is how we all got to this point. Teaching is integral to the college experience, so I am glad UND is recognizing this important work.”