New Why? Radio podcast is available

A new Why? Radio podcast is available.

“Can There be a Philosophy of Hate” with guest Berit Brogaard is available here.  

Hate groups, hate mongers, hate crimes. Self-hatred. Being stuck between love and hate. No emotion inspires as visceral a reaction as hatred. It is, after all, a plague on society that divides people and stokes violence. But does it have to be? Is hate irredeemable? Could it not serve important moral and social purposes if we only knew more about it? Listen to this episode to find out, and to see how hate relates to our other emotions and even our some of our mental disorders.

Berit “Brit” Brogaard is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Brogaard Lab at the University of Miami. Her areas of research include philosophy of perception, philosophy of emotions, and philosophy of language. She is the author of numerous books including, Transient TruthsOn Romantic Love, The Superhuman MindSeeing & Saying, and the forthcoming Hatred: Understanding Our Most Dangerous Emotions.

— Jack Weinstein, Philosophy & Religious Studies