Cybersecurity Awareness: The future of connected devices

Week Four Cybersecurity Awareness Topic

Cybersecurity Awareness Month will look at the future of connected devices. This week will look at how technological innovations, such as 5G, might impact consumers’ and business’ online experiences (e.g. faster speeds and data transmission, larger attack surface for hackers), as well as how people/infrastructure can adapt to the continuous evolution of the connected devices moving forward. No matter what the future holds, however, every user needs to be empowered to do their part.

Cybersecurity Tip:  Keep Tabs On Your Apps.  Many connected appliances, toys, and devices are supported by a mobile application.  Your mobile device could be filled with suspicious apps running in the background, or using default permissions you never realized you approved—gathering your personal information without your knowledge, while also putting your identity and privacy at risk.  Check your permissions and delete what you don’t need or no longer use.

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