UND Theatre Arts students present online play, ‘Once the World Stopped,’ Nov. 5-7

The UND Department of Theatre Arts will present an online student-written play, Once the World Stopped, Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 5-7.

Written, designed and performed by students, Once the World Stopped follows a group of high school students 30 years into the future who learn about the many events of 2020. Mr. Silverside, the class substitute, takes the class on a journey to the past through his experiences, stories, and interactive assignments. The class is shocked, enlightened, and saddened by the events they learn about during their week with Mr. Silverside from the panic of COVID-19 to the many Tik Tok trends.

Take a look into to future to watch this group of students transform into a more unified group of individuals. This original, student-led production takes on the highs and lows that 2020 has provided.

As the safety and health of our audience is of utmost importance, the production is online only. Tickets will be $8 and can be purchased through the UND Theatre’s online box office at https://burtness.und.edu or call (701) 777-2587. Enjoy theatre from the comfort of your own home!

Production information

  • Director/Co-creator – Emily Cherry
  • Written by Erin Chaves, Robert Cooper, Shelby Hazel, Jake Irving, Otto Leider, and Stevee Wittlieb
  • Co-creator/Writing Mentor – Tami Carmichael
  • Director-Dylan Merritt
  • Co-Production Designers – Gabbi Rice, Dylan Merritt, Kyle Mason, Brad Reissig
  • Co-Costume Designers – Shelby Hazel, Daniel Jung, Camilla Morrison
  • Technical Direction by Brad Reissig
  • Videography by Jonathan Puhl


  • Silverside – Robert Cooper
  • Mathew – Tyler Hebert
  • Louie – Kyle Mason
  • Rose –  Piper Sommer
  • Bella – Erin Chaves
  • Willow – Trece Hopp
  • Juniper – Stevee Wittleb
  • Minaj – Jacob Irving
  • Additional Students – True Moore, Brigitte Frosslee

Production staff

  • Production Stage Manager – Autumn Horton
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Alex Rice
  • Core Writing Group – Erin Chaves, Robert Cooper,Shelby Hazel, Jake Irving, Otto Leider, and Stevee Wittlieb

       Concepts, input, and editing from entire Company

  • Props & Set Group  – Abby Bye, Robert Cooper, Brigitte Frosslee, Trece Hopp, Skylar Mack, Kyle Mason, Dylan Merritt, Anissa Oveson, Piper Sommer, Kristina Swendseid, Alex Rice, Gabbi Rice, Steeve Wittleb
  • Wardrobe Head – Shelby Hazel
  • Costume Design Assistants  – Erin Chaves, Skylar Mack, Gabbi Rice, Piper Sommer, Alex Perling
  • Costume Shop Assistants – Carolyn Kelly, Shelby Hazel, Daniel Jung
  • Costume Shop Manager – Amy Sanner
  • Sound/Music – Trece Hopp
  • Filming/Editing Group – Kyle Mason, Dylan Merritt, Kristina Swendseid
  • Documentary & Publicity Group – Abby Bye, Brigitte Frosslee, Katie Germain, Tyler Hebert, Skylar Mack, Dylan Merritt, True Moore, Anissa Overson
  • Documentary & Publicity Group – Brigitte Frosslee, Tyler Hebert, Dylan Merritt
  • Box Office Manager – Gretchen Osweiler
  • Box Office Staff – Alex Bodin, HollyAnn Danielson, Rema Thomas

For more information, contact Brad Reissig, associate chair of theatre arts, brad.reissig@und.edu, 701.777.2484.