‘In Search of Persephone,’ a play about homelessness and transphobia, is Sept. 11 at Greenway Takeover

Assistant Teaching Professor (English) Kathleen Coudle-King and Theater Without Walls will present In Search of Persephone, a site-specific play on Sept. 11 at the Greenway Takeover Festival in downtown Grand Forks. The free performance is a contemporary retelling of the Greek myth about Demeter’s search for her daughter Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the Underworld.

The play also taps into Coudle-King’s research in Grand Forks, conducted in winter of 2021.  In Search of Persephone  utilizes interviews with individuals who were or are currently shelter insecure in Grand Forks.  Coudle-King also interviewed community service providers to complete the narrative.

The acting troupe consists of  Tina Wilkening (Demeter) Amanda Johnson Barton (Hermes/”Karen”), Kathleen Coudle-King (Hekate), Walter Criswell (Helios and Charon), Josh Widmer (Teresias), Rob Howard (Hades), and Connor Gabrielson (Percy).  Marcus Woodard serves as the stage manager.

While the performance is free, the troupe will “pass the hat” for donations to Homeless Helpers in Grand Forks, a grassroots group that provides motel rooms, personal care items, and food to people living on the streets.

This production is made possible by the Greenway Takeover Festival.