Leave donations sought for Chris Wetch, Shawn McMillan, Jennifer Lynch Hurst, Spencer Huus and Stacey Berglund

Sick and annual leave donations are sought for the following:

  • Chris Wetch, Facilities Architect
  • Shawn McMillan, Journeyman Painter
  • Jennifer Lynch Hurst, Academic BST Supervisor
  • Spencer Huus, Journeyman Plumber
  • Stacey Berglund, Academic BST

They are all part of Facilities Management and Planning, Design, and Construction.

Please return completed donation of leave forms to Misty Brustad at misty.brustad@und.edu

Forms can be found at https://campus.und.edu/human-resources/_files/docs/payroll/donated-leave-form-2020digital.pdf.

All donations are kept confidential. Thank you in advance for your generosity.