December Special Nonprofit Jean Day is Dec. 3

This month our Special Nonprofit Jeans Give Back Day is Friday, December 3, and the funds will go to Sunshine Memorial Foundation. If you have not signed up for payroll deduction yet for Special Nonprofit Jean Day, please give your money to your site coordinator by Dec. 10. Please see the list below for a site coordinator near you.  If you are interested in the convenient payroll deduction, please sign up here.

Columbia Hall B307 Paula Cox
Dining Vending 102 Cindy Murphy
EERC B/116 June Novacek
Facilities Management 110 Andrea Velaris
Gamble Hall 265 Carissa Green
Housing Office 110 Corey Klatt
Law School 108 Julie Simon
McCannel Hall 190 Linnea Nelson
Memorial Union 302 Jade Gourneau
O’Kelly Hall 320E Zak Aubol
Odegard Hall 200 Carla Spokely
SMHS E438 Alissa Hancock
Skalicky 117 Monica Evavold
Starcher Hall 101 Cheryl Misialek
Tech Accelerator 2050 Brenda Halle
Twamley Hall 401 Lisa Moore
Upson II 165D Briss Donis-Van Asch
Wellness Center 230 Andria Spaeth