$2 million allocation

UND to allocate nearly $2 million to libraries, research, arts and sciences and engineering.

Hesham El-Rewinii and President Kennedy tour construction site

Hesham El-Rewini, Dean of College of Engineering & Mines (left) explains to UND President Mark R. Kennedy some highthights of the new Collaborative Energy Complex during a tour.
checking: left Jon Stoeckman, with Community Contracting

University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy today announced that nearly $2 million will be allocated to bolster UND’s libraries, research enterprise, College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering and Mines.

The dollars for the new allocations come from tuition increase of 2 percent for most students and 2.5 percent for law and medical students, as well as $650,000 from the UND Alumni Association & Foundation.

“In the spirit of One UND, we’re pleased to be putting $1 million in the libraries and $400,000 in the Division of Research and Economic Development.  The libraries and the research division support academic disciplines across the campus,” said Kennedy.

He said the College of Arts and Sciences, UND’s largest college and the home of the University’s liberal arts foundation, will receive $400,000.  The College of Engineering and Mines will receive $160,000 to support two positions:  one in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and one in the young and rapidly growing Department of Petroleum Engineering.

“The Chester Fritz Library is extremely pleased and very grateful to President Kennedy for this strong support,” said Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries and Information Resources.  This will allow us to stabilize collections and begin expanding critical new digital initiatives in support of UND’s research, teaching, and strategic priorities,” said Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries and Information Resources

“The $400,000 investment in the Research and Economic Development division will be used in part to drive research across the disciplines. In particular, it will help infuse our biomedical, energy and UAS research strengths with important perspectives from the humanities, arts, social sciences and professional disciplines, leading to innovative solutions to our societal and economic challenges,” said Grant McGimpsey, Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

“The generous reallocation to Arts and Sciences recognizes the important role our faculty and staff play in creating One UND.  The liberal arts foundation all students receive through Essential Studies and the many majors, minors, and certificates we offer ensures UND students are broadly educated and prepared for careers of the future,” said Debbie Storrs, Dean of UND’s College of Arts & Sciences.  “In alignment with President Kennedy’s vision, we will explore ways we can strategically use funds to enhance student success in priority areas.”

“Given the unprecedented growth in enrollment in recent years, the two added positions will help the College of Engineering and Mines continue to provide high-quality education to our students and conduct innovative research,” said Hesham El-Rewini, Dean of the college.

“With this announcement, President Kennedy is taking a major step in driving UND to become the premier flagship university of the Northern Plains.  Each of these investments will have a tangible positive influence on preparing our students for their professional careers and on the ability of our faculty and staff to build strong research programs that directly impact the lives and livelihoods of North Dakotans,” said McGimpsey.

The allocations align with a decision made in May by Interim President Ed Schafer to authorize the tuition increase to generate extra funding to be invested in priority areas within the University.