Presidents’ chat: Podcast will feature Interim President Wynne interviewing Incoming President Armacost

UND Interim President Joshua Wynne and Incoming President Andy Armacost chat about all things UND in new podcast episode

For the next episode of the UND Presidential Podcast, UND Interim President Joshua Wynne (left) interviews UND Incoming President Andy Armacost (right) about the presidency, the University and other matters. This picture was taken on Wednesday when the two presidents met with the editorial board of The Forum newspaper in Fargo. Photo by David Dodds/UND Today.

You might have already spotted Incoming President Andy Armacost on campus, in meetings or at events. Earlier this week, he took a break from his schedule to chat with Interim President Joshua Wynne on the latest episode of the UND presidential podcast. In fact, Armacost served as Wynne’s first-ever guest on the podcast, which is launching its second season this week.

The two chatted about a host of topics, ranging from Armacost’s preferred term of address (hint: it’s not “Brigadier General,” nor is it “Dr. Armacost”) to becoming a North Dakotan to what Armacost is learning about UND and Grand Forks in advance of his start date on June 1.

The full episode of the podcast will be released tomorrow (Friday) via the Leadership Updates blog (and you can listen to it on Spotify). But here is a teaser — and an answer to a pressing question: what is Armacost going to do with the podcast?