Stand up and cheer for – and help us celebrate – Memorial Stadium

Share your photos and stories of the stadium, a nearly century-old structure that will live on in the hearts of UND fans

UND archival image.

A landmark at UND since 1927, Memorial Stadium now is slated to be torn down. But before that happens, will you share your photos and stories with us to help memories of the stadium live on?

On Feb. 1, the Grand Forks City Council gave final approval to a plan that will replace the stadium with a five-story building that’ll house several floors of apartments as well as UND’s athletics department. The building will connect to the nearby High Performance Center via a glass-walled “HAWKway” that incorporates Memorial Stadium’s historic north wall.

Among its other displays, that wall also will continue to remember the souls whom Memorial Stadium was named to honor: the members of the University of North Dakota community who died during World War I.

Meanwhile, given that Memorial Stadium was the home of UND football from 1927 to 2000, as well as UND track & field and many other events – such as the UND Relay for Life, the North Dakota Boys and Girls State Track Meet and the Malpractice Bowl, a flag football game between the UND Law and Medical schools – for even longer, there are there are 94 years of stadium memories to celebrate and carry forward as well.

(If it could talk, a certain moose who trotted into the stadium for the day on Sept. 2, 2019, likely would recount a few memories of its own.)

And that’s where UND Today readers can come in.

Do you have a favorite photo or story that reflects your experiences at the stadium? If you do, share it with us; and in coming weeks, we’ll do our best to share it with our readership.

UND’s Facebook page is collecting Memorial Stadium photos and stories, and welcomes your input. Alternatively, feel free to email your photos and stories to Tom Dennis, UND Today editor, at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

This image from a City of Grand Forks Staff Report shows the proposed Memorial Village redevelopment project. A public-private partnership will build the five-story, mixed-use building to the left, with an eye to capturing the historical character of the stadium, while supporting UND Athletics and making the university more attractive to potential students.