UND Alumni Foundation aims to deliver 50 Giving Hearts Day student scholarships

Through the Giving Hearts Day charitable event, UND supporters can donate funds for student scholarships on Feb. 11

The 31 students at the University of North Dakota who received Giving Hearts Day scholarships in 2020 used the funds in a variety of ways. Most used the individual grants to pay tuition. Others put the money toward rent and living expenses. With her scholarship, senior Kaitlyn Molstad found the financial freedom to purchase a reliable vehicle to commute to UND.

“I thank you so much,” the social work major said to UND donors in a video put together by the UND Alumni Association & Foundation, which spearheads the Giving Hearts Day campaign at the University.

In February 2020, the Foundation received about 320 gifts from donors amounting to more than $155,000 for student scholarships. This year, the Foundation is again participating in the charitable event that brings businesses, non-profits and educational institutions together for the largest fundraising day in the upper Midwest.

While UND supporters can make their donations ahead of time on the Foundation’s website, Giving Hearts Day is to take place this Thursday, Feb. 11. The Dakota Medical Foundation, which is one of the organizing institutions, has pledged over $50,000 in matching funds for UND.

“This is a program and an opportunity for us to contribute to our most important group of people on this campus,” said UND President Andy Armacost. “And that is our students.”

Managing the donation drive under the slogan of “Do your part. Give from the heart,” the Foundation aims to raise enough money to award $2,000 scholarships to at least 50 UND students in 2021. Scholarship winners, who must be in good academic standing, are selected through a draw.

Students can register for the chance to receive a scholarship on the Foundation’s website. For the first time this year, they can also engage with the Foundation on its social media channels in order to earn additional entries in the draw software, increasing the possibility of winning.

“When I found out that I have received a Giving Hearts Day scholarship, I was really excited,” said music education senior Katlynn Ellis, one of last year’s recipients. “It is one of those things when you never think it could be you, but it happened to me. The scholarship has helped me in so many ways, especially in such an uncertain time. I am taking more classes and working less hours to focus on my education and development as a future music educator.”

You can hear more student stories about the positive impacts of Giving Hearts Day scholarships in the video postcards below.

To make your Giving Hearts Day donation, visit the UND Alumni Association & Foundation website.