VIDEO: Current Student & Family Town Hall

Campus leaders answer questions about UND athletics, campus parking and the new Memorial Union (among other topics) at the event

Editor’s note: On Tuesday, Aug. 17, UND held a Town Hall meeting via Zoom for current students and their families. A video of the Town Hall (with closed captions available) is above, while below is a list of the questions that are asked and answered in the video, with time stamps for readers’ reference accompanying each question.

Please note that in the days since the Town Hall took place, UND implemented a mask requirement for indoor public spaces. That new guidance is the University’s latest, and it takes precedence over any of the answers to mask-related questions that are offered in the video.  

The following questions are asked and answered in the Current Student & Family Town Hall:

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05:47 – Regarding the opening of the new Memorial Union, is that on schedule? Can you give us an update on what students can anticipate?

07:09 – What will attendance at UND sporting events look like this fall?

07:53 – Can students request to be online for classes even though the class is stated to be taught in person in Campus Connection?

10:08 – How many guests is each graduating student allowed to bring to the Commencement ceremony?

11:18 – Students are wondering, what kind of activities and events can they anticipate having on campus this fall – especially since last fall and spring, there were limitations on what they could do?

14:08 – Is there a Parents Weekend or Family Weekend being planned this year?

15:23 – How does UND monitor sororities and fraternities for student behavior regarding alcohol use drug use and/or partying?

16:39 – When students are housed in sororities or fraternities, does UND ensure that there are “house moms” or parents or head residents on staff? In other words, can discuss the oversight of fraternity and sorority houses?

17:36 – In a recent radio program, it was announced that UND is short of dining staff this fall. Sororities and fraternities are also reporting a shortage of food-service personnel. Given all of that, how will UND ensure that students will be fed when they arrive on campus?

21:43 – How do new students register to be a part of a recreational sports team?

22:36 – My son signed up late for classes last spring, and all his classes are either online or he’s on a waiting list. Any thoughts or advice?

23:13 – Will there be a Family Aviation Weekend in Spring 2022?

23:58 – If someone has a parking ramp permit, is there anywhere else on campus they can park, or are they limited to the ramp?

24:42 – What is campus culture like for international students of color?

25:43 – What is campus culture like for members of the LGBTQI community?

29:07 – Who do we talk to if we want to take part and perform in the Feast of Nations?

30:57 – Do you have any suggestions on how students can take on more leadership roles?

35:01 – How am I going to fit in?

36:10 – Will the Wings cafe at the airport be open for students?

36:42 – Are there are any positions open for new students on UND student government?

37:30 – Do you have any advice regarding honor societies that require a fee to be paid? Are these organizations legitimate?

40:05 – Can retaking a class replace a grade on the academic transcript?

41:17 – If I’m coming to campus and would like to get vaccinated, where can I do so?

43:40 – If I am or am not vaccinated, is there any difference for how my year at UND will be?

46:22 – How can students manage stress as well as academics and extracurricular activities? In other words, how can students be well-rounded?

48:45 – If you live in an apartment, can you quarantine in that apartment?

49:15 – I am against vaccinations at the moment. Will UND be requiring the vaccine to participate in classes, activities or athletic teams in the near future?

49:58 – If a student needs to isolate or quarantine and can’t attend class, will that student be allowed to join class virtually?

52:18 – Will UND require surveillance COVID testing?

53:52 – In addition to testing students who are symptomatic, will Student Health Services also test students who need to travel and need testing for travel?

54:28 – Do you have swab tests and saliva tests for COVID?

55:00 – Will UND aviation continue with the same COVID protocols for fall term? Along those lines, can students request a flight instructor who has been vaccinated for the disease?