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UND on the global stage

UND on the global stage

December 13, 2018

President Kennedy joins distinguished panel of geopolitical experts to talk changing face of America in Japan

Though he was closer to son, George W. Bush, UND President Mark Kennedy and First Lady Debbie Kennedy shared intimate moments with the elder Bushes, George H.W. and Barbara. Here the two couples spend time together at the late former president's estate in Kennebunkport Maine. Image courtesy of Mark Kennedy.

Kennedy: five vital lessons from George H.W. Bush

December 6, 2018

From being wary about the Middle East to protecting America’s intelligence services, the former president was far more prescient than he’s often given credit for

UND President Mark Kennedy and daughter, Emily (white shirt) stand in solemn tribute near the casket of President Ronald Reagan at the nation's capitol in June 2004. Image courtesy of Mark Kennedy.

Kennedy: the power of state funerals

December 4, 2018

Wednesday, the nation will lay to rest George H.W. Bush — Navy pilot, congressman, ambassador to UN, chief envoy toRead More

All eyes on China

All eyes on China

November 20, 2018

UND’s latest Eye of the Hawk lecturer Hal Brands talks global affairs and the ‘Red Dragon’ of Asia

The way North: UND faculty teach in Norway

The way North: UND faculty teach in Norway

November 15, 2018

Two UND professors are to spend spring semester teaching, learning and exploring at the American College of Norway

Mark Chipman: Soaring success, grounded humility

Mark Chipman: Soaring success, grounded humility

November 13, 2018

Alum, chairman of True North Sports & Entertainment, which owns NHL’s Jets, headlines annual ethics talk

Hal Brands-American Grand Strategy in an Age of Upheaval talks about the uncertainty about America's role in the world than at any time in recent decades. From the South China Sea, to the Middle East, to the Baltics and Eastern Europe.     (Jackie Lorentz photo/UND Today) 

(NOTE: Information from program.

‘Hawkish’ affairs between U.S. and China

November 8, 2018

Johns Hopkins global affairs expert, former Defense Secretary staffer Hal Brands points to gradual escalations in Asia

UND has struck up a partnership with Woz U, a technology-based career training company, started by Steve Wozniak (above). Wozniak and Steve Jobs are famously known for founding Apple computers in the garage of Jobs' childhood home.

‘Woz’ up?

November 6, 2018

UND partners with technology-based training leader, started by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computers

It allows students to earn full-time employment prior to graduation and go straight to a national carrier after their time at UND, a break from the typical regional-to-major airline path. They’ll fly international routes and have eligibility to be captain after only two years on the job.
It also means that after UND, pilots will be on the flight deck of a Boeing 737 to start their careers. Photo by Connor Murphy/UND Today.

New ‘Sun’ rises

October 25, 2018

Sun Country Airlines and UND unveil unique career pathway pact to address flight instructor shortage

For the second time in less than a year, UND and North Dakota Athletics is honored to have sexual assault survivor Brenda Tracy back on campus to spread her important message that abuse and physical violence is never ok. Image courtesy of Brenda Tracy.

Setting the expectation

October 4, 2018

Sexual assault survivor Brenda Tracy, national voice against violence and abuse, plans return to UND

In May, Anne Walker and Michele Iiams traveled to the Moringa Community School of Trades in rural Ghana, Africa to assist teaching in English and math, respectively. They also brought components from a mechanical engineering senior design project that would help the school cook and can food more efficiently. Image courtesy of Anne Walker. Image courtesy of Anne Walker.

Stove-top diplomacy

October 2, 2018

UND Colleges of Engineering and Education team up to assist rural, African trade school with novel invention

Peace be with UND

Peace be with UND

September 18, 2018

New Peace Corps Prep Certificate program gears students toward global-minded service

UND remembers

UND remembers

September 13, 2018

UND ROTC holds annual tribute to those lost in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the wars that followed

Walk of the immigrants

Walk of the immigrants

September 13, 2018

Speaker Saul Flores puts UND students in shoes of Latin Americans journeying to the United States

This past summer was UND second-year medical student Mariah Star Cooper’s last chance to unwind before beginning hospital rotations in the summer of 2019. Instead, she elected to head off to an intense internship at Harvard Medical School and do what she loves – research. Image courtesy of Mariah Star Cooper.

Ivy inspirations

September 6, 2018

UND INMED student Mariah Star Cooper recounts summer internship with Harvard Medical School