UND's Dreamer Geothermophiles designed a Pipeline Interventions Gadget to reduce mineral buildup. Schematic provided by Dreamer Thermomphiles.

PIG in a pipeline

October 29, 2020 at

UND engineering team designs pipeline-scrubbing ‘PIG,’ wins geothermal manufacturing prize and advances to next level

UND researchers are partnering with Minnkota Power Cooperative as part of a U.S. Department of Energy project to prevent cyberattacks on  power plants. Minnkota operates the Milton Young Station near Center, N.D. Photo courtesy of Minnkota Power Cooperative.

Protecting the power supply

October 27, 2020 at

UND research aims to defend U.S. electrical grid against cyberattacks

As part of yet another of UND's Grand Challenges, researchers at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences are addressing health challenges through basic, clinical and transitional discoveries. Photo by Jackie Lorentz/UND Today.

The belly-brain connection

October 22, 2020 at

UND’s Colin Combs awarded $1.4 million grant to study the role of gut inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease

Gretchen Mullendore diagrams thunderstorm components.

UND researcher to head national weather lab

October 20, 2020 at

Gretchen Mullendore transitioning to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Pablo de Leon and the NDX-1 suit, the first suit he built at UND. UND archival image.

To UND and beyond!

October 16, 2020 at

Legacy of cosmic research has eyes of the space world on the University of North Dakota

Photo by Mike Hess/UND Today.

Bridging disciplines for safer commutes

October 15, 2020 at

UND civil engineer uses drones, machine learning for all-encompassing views in important infrastructure inspections

Derek Tournear (center), director of the Space Defense Agency, visits the Human Spaceflight Laboratory on Wednesday. Pablo de León, Space Studies department chair (left) briefed Tournear and Sen. Kevin Cramer on research projects in the lab. Photo by Patrick C. Miller/UND Today.

UND experts could drive satellite defense system

October 15, 2020 at

U.S. Space Development Agency director shows interest in University’s UAS and space prowess

Microsoft concept image.

UND experts appear on Autonomous Systems panel

October 13, 2020 at

Panel facilitated by NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott was part of Innovation Day at North Dakota’s Grand Farm

At the NASA-funded Inflatable Mars/Lunar Habitat, Bridenstine (center) and Sen. Kevin Cramer (right) are greeted by a student wearing a space suit designed by Pablo DeLeon (left), head of the UND Human Spaceflight Laboratory. Photo by Patrick C. Miller/UND Today.

U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer to host Space Development Agency director at UND on Wednesday

October 13, 2020 at

Head of Space Development Agency added to long list of high-level space research visitors to UND over the past 13 months

UND researchers are involved in a Department of Energy project to transform corn stover -- the stalks, stems and leaves left after corn is harvested -- into a fuel capable of power jet aircraft. Photo by Patrick C. Miller/UND Today.

Modern alchemy: UND aims to turn corn stalks, stems & leaves into jet fuel

October 8, 2020 at

UND to lead four-year, $3.75 million Department of Energy research project

Photo by Mike Hess/UND Today.

Machine learning at UND pumps up North Dakota’s oil production

September 29, 2020 at

From drill bit to pipeline, Assistant Professor Minou Rabiei’s Big Data work matters for N.D.’s oil and gas industry

Thunderstorms tower above the east coast of Florida where UND was part of a weather research project sponsored by the Naval Research Laboratory. Photo by Nicholas Gapp/UND Atmospheric Sciences.

Of radar and raindrops

September 29, 2020 at

Cold War missile-tracking technology helps UND understand thunderstorms by isolating individual units of precipitation 

Pablo de Leon and the NDX-1 suit, the first suit he built at UND. UND archival image.

UND teams with NASA for paradigm shift in space exploration

September 24, 2020 at

Space Studies Department’s three-year project will focus on the development, manufacturing of spacesuits using advanced 3D printing

Gen. James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command. Photo by Shawn Schill/UND Today.

To North Dakota and beyond

September 15, 2020 at

Commander of U.S. Space Command sees research and education capabilities at UND

Photo by Mike Hess/UND Today.

Detect and disinfect

September 10, 2020 at

New UND research-and-development collaboration brings out the best in private and public sector innovation