Driving world-changing developments of UAS in a way that reflects UND's values is one of five bold Grand Challenges that UND as put upon itself to help generate opportunity in North Dakota, address social issues and diversity the state's economy.

Igniting opportunity

April 5, 2018

Grand Challenges proposal could propel state growth

And fitness for all

And fitness for all

April 3, 2018

John Fitzgerald’s ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ research for athletes carries message of better health and longer life for everyone

UND Energy Institue; Mike Mann; battery; Yong Hon; Dakota Lithium Batteries; research commercialization; Clean Republic. Photo by Tyler Ingham/UND Today.

Power to the pedal

March 29, 2018

Not your grandfather’s Duracell: revolutionary UND-developed battery propels everything from e-bikes to fish finders

Inspired by her previous research exploring how boomtown communities are affected by changing populations, Liz Legerski, UND associate professor of sociology, saw an opportunity to connect with other faculty who are also researching natural resources development and social impact. Her research will be one of 12  studies featured during Energy Research Week March 26-29 at UND. Photo by Jackie Lorentz./UND Today.

Making connections

March 22, 2018

UND Energy Research Week champions grand challenges

An international research team, including biomedical specialists at UND's School of Medicine & Health Sciences, have developed a synthetic molecule that can kill five deadly types of multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria with limited side effects.

Squashing the superbugs

March 22, 2018

UND researchers help develop synthetic molecule to fight multidrug-resistant bacteria

Kerryanne Leroux, an EERC senior chemical engineer and oilfield operations team lead, is heading up research on a  private-public research partnership involving carbon-capture techniques at a Richardton, N.D.-based ethanol plant.

Catch and decrease

March 22, 2018

EERC partners with private industry on energy sustainability research in southwestern North Dakota

Vice President for Research and Economic Development Grant McGimpsey has a plan for research excellence at UND but the hunt for external federal funding is challenging and highly competitive among the country’s research universities.  Photo by Jackie Lorentz/UND Today.

Seeds sown, research grown

March 13, 2018

Seed funding programs provide nearly $3 million to propel UND research community efforts

EERC's Ted Aulich (center) and fellow UND scientists, such as Julia Zhao and John Hurley, are working on a three-year, $3.2-million research project to reducing the amount of energy needed to produce ammonia and associated carbon dioxide emissions. Image courtesy of a Kari Suedel,   EERC.

Harnessing value by keeping it local

March 13, 2018

New project, spearheaded by UND’s EERC, could produce ammonia locally while saving energy and decreasing emissions

Casey Kohs (right), a master's student in English, explains her research, “Out of the Woods,” during Graduate Research Achievement Day 2018. She was one of more than 150 graduate students sharing their research, scholarship and creative activity. Photo by Jackie Lorentz/UND Today

Graduate student gravitas

March 8, 2018

GRAD 2018 fosters interdisciplinary collaboration & communication, showcases research enterprise

Geology PhD student Marie Bergelin displays the UND banner at the site of her mentor Jaakko Putkonen's NSF-funded ice core operation. He's director of the Harold Hamm School of Geology & Geological Engineering. Photo courtesy of Jaakko Putkonen.

The oldest ice on earth?

March 8, 2018

UND geomorphologist Jaakko Putkonen continues the hunt in Antarctica

Kit Johnson, an expert on immigration law, was chosen to be a faculty lecturer by a UND committee of Chester Fritz Distinguished professors. Photo by Kit Johnson/UND Today.

Immigration on the mind

March 1, 2018

UND Faculty Lecturer Kit Johnson highlights peculiarities and potentials of immigration law

UND faculty members, who are principle and co-principle investigators for a new $1 Million NSF scholarship grant, are (left to right) Gregory Vandeberg, Rebecca Simmons, Shari Nelson, Alena Kubátová and Daphne Pedersen.  Image courtesy of Alena Kubátová.

Growing the STEM

March 1, 2018

UND faculty team shepherds NSF research-centered scholarships for students who are first in their families to attend college

Gaming for impact

Gaming for impact

February 22, 2018

UND medical researchers turn their attention to gamers to raise awareness of the dangers of radon

A research team in the UND Department of Petroleum Engineering, led by Hadi Jabbari (front center) is digging deep into this challenging resource and developing ways to get more oil out—part of a host of strategies collectively called Enhanced Oil Recovery, or EOR. Image courtesy of Juan Pedraza.

Injecting more life in the Bakken

February 20, 2018

UND research developing better extraction methods to prolong lifespan of one of the world’s largest oil reserves

Professor Alena Kubatova (right)_ Anastasia Artemyteva study Plymer_lignin

Research on the record

February 6, 2018

UND division creates better system of reporting and directing research investments