Strategic Plan

The setting sun descends upon the western edge of campus,where a new sense of enthusiasm is illuminating the UND college experience, thanks to enhanced communication efforts and a new solid sense of direction for the University.  UND Archival Photo.

Sun sets on past — rises with new UND conversation

July 11, 2017

Clear direction for University of North Dakota drives renewed positive perception

Angelique Foster, associate executive assistant to the UND president, kicks off an initial meeting of goal captains and project managers for implementation of the new One UND strategic plan  on June 20. Photo by Richard Larson.

Perfect pairs

June 27, 2017

One UND Strategic Plan goal captains and project managers prep for partnerships

UND’s Strategic Plan implementation teams have been named for each of the plan’s seven goals. These teams, comprised of UND faculty and staff, will work together throughout the summer and beyond to execute their respective goal’s action items—and help UND become the chief opportunity engine for North Dakota.

Naming names

June 20, 2017

Teams identified and assembled to guide and execute One UND Strategic Plan

Margot McGimpsey, special projects assist to the UND Provost; and Lisa Burger, assistant vice president for student academic services, show off their handiwork when it comes to process mapping for the One UND Strategic Plan. Both McGimpsey and Burger have been trained and have experience with process mapping. Photo by Tyler Ingham.

A strategic road map

June 20, 2017

Process mapping provides the way forward in implementing the One UND Strategic Plan

UND President Mark Kennedy recently got together with UND's One UND Stategic Plan goal captains and support unit reps to choose implementation teams -- one for each of the plan's goals -- in an NFL-style players draft.

Building One UND ‘dream teams’

June 6, 2017

Draft day has Strategic Plan goal captains discussing power picks for strong implementation groups

The Strategic Plan was publicly launched on May 5, following months of collaborative meetings, research and evolution. Instead of slowing for the summer, execution begins immediately—with the assembly of an implementation team that will include captains for every Strategic Plan goal, trained project managers to keep those goals aligned and on track and support members who will generate ideas, further refine action steps and ultimately make the plan a reality.

Turning soil on the Strategic Plan

May 30, 2017

UND Strategic Plan assembles goal captains, project managers and implementation team members to execute campus strategy

UND President Mark Kennedy leads the unveiling of UND's  new "One UND" Strategic Plan on Friday, May 5, in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. Photo by Shawna Schill.

A plan for change

May 9, 2017

UND President Mark Kennedy formally launches much-anticipated Strategic Plan

At the most recent forum for the new University Strategic Plan, Associate Professor of Languages Melissa Gjellstad (pictured) and English Professor Rebecca Weaver-Hightower explained strategies for meeting the pillar’s first goal—providing a strong liberal arts foundation. Photo by Tyler Ingham.

Pillars of University strength

May 2, 2017

Strategic Planning Committee members wrap up campus budget fora with discussion of Learning and Engagement

UND Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences Archana Dhasarathy explains her work with epigenetics at a recent forum that delved into the "Discovery," one of three pillars, in UND's draft Strategic Plan. Photo by Jackie Lorentz.

A plan for discovery

April 25, 2017

UND community gets an updated look at research goals of nearly-finalized Strategic Plan

UND Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services Sol Jensen was explaining the importance of UND branding research that will reach full culmination by early June at the most recent budget forum on April 14. Photo by Tyler Ingham.

Getting back ‘on brand’

April 18, 2017

UND marketing team rolls out survey and focus group results that will guide University branding efforts

Laura Block, Chief Financial Officer for the UND Alumni Association & Foundation, said the Foundation is working with the University to determine priorities—currently being shaped in UND’s Strategic Plan. Photo by Jackie Lorentz.

Gifted at UND

April 11, 2017

UND Foundation Chief Financial Officer answers campus questions about charitable giving in a time of budget challenges

UND Director of International Programs Katie Davidson says she and her team are working with admissions to pilot a pre-registration process for international students who don’t arrive on campus until a week before classes begin. Davidson led off the latest budget forum meeting on Wednesday, March 29, with UND Provost Tom DiLorenzo. Photo by Jackie Lorentz.

Global opportunities

April 4, 2017

UND Provost welcomes special guests to weekly budget forum for updates on international programs, student government and information technology

As part of his latest UND budget update, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Tom DiLorenzo took a moment to open the floor to share success stories and strategies that different units on campus have been using to keep forward momentum in the current budget situation. Photo by Tyler Ingham.

New ways of thinking

March 23, 2017

Weekly budget forum celebrates successes and examines new methods of handling budget challenges

UND Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services Sol Jensen gives an audience of staff and faculty a colorful preview of what UND has in mind for a proposed $3 million investment, showcasing why it’s critical that the dollars are spent now.  Photo by Shawna Schill.

A pitch for marketing

March 14, 2017

Third in series of campus budget fora explains why an investment in marketing is critical to UND’s future

UND Provost Tom DiLorenzo leads the discussion at the second campus budget forum, held on March 1. Photo by Richard Larson.

‘Stepping up’ to meet needs

March 7, 2017

Second UND budget forum sets tone of shared sacrifice and commitment to University vision