Project Team

Core Project Team

Tera Buckley, Project Lead
Collaborates closely with the mStoner Project Manager, coordinates all activities within the UND community and serves as an conduit to university leadership

Matt Schill, Content Advisor
Works with content developers to audit content, enhance messaging, and optimize the user experience

Tanner Rosendahl, Digital Marketing Advisor 
Ensures the new site is optimized for digital marketing efforts

Carrie Huwe, Brand Advisor
Ensures all creative enhances and complements the UND brand

Nathan Clough, Technical Advisor
Leads back-end development activities

Kelicia Christianson, Technical Advisor
Leads front-end development activities

Jared Thompson, Technical Advisor
Front-end development

Jeremy Wegener, Technical Advisor
Back-end development

Marketing Council

The UND Marketing Council offers guidance on all major project decisions and represents the interests of his/her unit.

  • Laura Arneson, College of Business & Public Administration
  • Deb Austreng, College of Engineering & Mines
  • Tracy Backstrom, College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines
  • Henry Borysewicz, School of Aerospace Sciences
  • Amanda Boyd, Honors Program
  • Tera Buckley, Office of Marketing & Creative Services
  • Tanya Butler, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Brandon Byer, University & Public Affairs
  • Rob Carolin, School of Law
  • Thomas DiLorenzo, Provost
  • Travis Fretheim, Center for Innovation
  • Aimee Halstenson, Office of Marketing & Creative Services
  • Naomi Hansen, School of Graduate Studies
  • Carrie Huwe, Office of Marketing & Creative Services
  • Andrew Marsh, Student
  • Nicole Massmann, Energy & Environmental Research Center
  • Timothy Pasch, Communication Program
  • Lesli Riskey, College of Education & Human Development
  • Milo Smith, UND Alumni Association & Foundation
  • Jessica Sobolik, School of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Jennifer Stoner, Department of Marketing
  • Derick Stoulil, Athletics
  • Jennifer Swangler, Office of Marketing & Creative Services
  • UND Student Body President