...but don't forget to keep moving!

Moving your muscles makes everything flow smoothly through out bodies. Research shows just standing up, stretching and walking through out the day can help Americans lead happier, healthier lives.

Why not make it a habit? Incorporate every day things into making movement. Taking the stairs, walking a faster pace, add 15 minutes of walking to your lunch break are all helpful tips in making movement count! A couple more ideas:

• Keep extra shoes and socks at work

• Host a walking meeting

• Park further away 

• Walk to the furthest water fountain

For more ideas check here.  


Did you get 2 BINGOs?

Watch your mailbox! Work Well will be sending out wellness bands (while supplies last) to everyone that completes 2 BINGOs!  


Did someone say PRIZES?!

Work Well still has TWO - $100 GRAND PRIZES to be drawn at the end of the program (if you have achieved blackout).

Don't forget to take your post-assessment! Good luck!!


What IS Wellness BINGO?

Wellness BINGO is a Work Well sponsored program geared to build your awareness around movement and how incorporate it more in our daily lives.

Wellness BINGO runs from January 5 - February 1 

Complete your squares TODAY!