We'll Be Here for YOU!

Need some help with how to stay healthy while working remotely? Work Well is here for you! As the employee wellness program for UND Faculty and Staff, we will continue to offer online challenges and access to educational resources to enhance life-long employee well-being. Work Well can help you with areas such as stress management, gratitude, preventative health, sleep, and much more. Best Part? There is no cost to participate in Work Well challenges or use the resources provided!


Are You Connected with Us?

Did you know Work Well and the Wellness & Health Promotion Departments have many platforms to stay connected? We strive to keep all students, faculty, and staff up-to-date everyday with multiple social media posts.

What do we share? We are focused on sharing the latest public health news, wellness programming, educational resources, and any updates on campus.

Curious on where to find us? Click on any of the links below:

• Work Well Website & Facebook

• Wellness & Health Promotion WebsiteFacebookInstagram & YouTube

• North Dakota Public Health Website

• Sanford Wellness Website 


Sanford/ NDPERS Dakota Wellness Program

Don't forget!  You can still earn points towards your $250 wellness benefit through the Dakota Wellness Program online wellness portal.  Check out the benefits website HERE.  There are step-by-step OR video instructions to help you get registered and once you are on, there are a ton of features that will help you earn your points. 

Remember: You can upload vouchers from Work Well sponsored Challenges twice! We are working on how we can email those out remotely. Stay tuned!


Check it out!

As we are all settling into our new remote work life we want to THANK YOU all for the positivity and flexibility you have shown as we all learn to navigate this new world!

Work Well has been working behind the scenes to make sure everything can run smoothly as we continue to work in our new normal. Check it out:

• Get Moving Challenge 

• Wellness Education

• Workspace Exercises