May Ambassador Update


Wellness Spotlight

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. Did you know May is National Mental Health Awareness Month? While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health daily. National Mental Health Awareness Month is centered around making resources available for everyone & creating a culture to end the stigma around mental health. Read more in May's Wellness Spotlight.


Nutrition BINGO

According to, eating healthy is a journey shaped by many factors. No matter your stage of life, food preferences, living situations, access to foods, traditions, cultures and personal decisions, everything we eat affects our body.

Being able to find your personal healthy eating style and maintaining it for a lifetime can be overwhelming. Throughout this challenge, Work Well will help! We will give you tips and guidelines aimed to help you make healthy lifelong food choices the easy choices.

Watch your email for registration information!  Starts May 24!


Are You Connected with Us?

Did you know Work Well and the Wellness & Health Promotion Departments have many platforms to stay connected? We strive to keep all students, faculty, and staff up-to-date everyday with multiple social media posts.

What do we share? We are focused on sharing the latest public health news, wellness programming, educational resources, and any updates on campus.

Curious on where to find us? Click on any of the links below:

• Work Well Website & Facebook

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• North Dakota Public Health Website

• Sanford Wellness Website 


Virtual Commencement:

Join students & their families, staff, and faculty for UND's first VIRTUAL GRADUATION! Commencement Ceremonies are open to all guests and honors each graduate individually for their achievements. Click HERE for more information. 


Angel Fund: 

Be an Angel for UND students today! We know that life can bring unexpected challenges. We never want a student to leave UND because of a situation that is beyond their control.  The UND Angel Fund provides support for students so these challenges aren't a barrier to completing their education. To make a gift, visit the UND Alumni page HERE. Your kindness matters.  Thank you for supporting students through the UND Angel Fund.


Wellness Education Opportunities: 

Work Well keeps adding to this website. It houses several different topics for UND employees to learn about adapting to their new working environment and trying new behaviors that will lead them to a healthier lifestyle. Check it out HERE!