TODAY is the last day to input steps for week 2!

Log your steps TODAY!


Why Strength Training?

Strength training and stretching have all around benefits for an individual. Strength training can improve body composition, help reduce bone loss, osteoporosis, and injuries to the back. Did you know strength training can also help improve your flexibility as an individual starts to age? Strength training can be done in a wellness center, in the office, or at home click here for accessible instructional videos. 

The Center of Disease Control recommends adults should train major muscle groups 2 or more days each week. While training an individual should follow these guidelines: 

• 2-4 sets of each exercise

• 8-12 repetitions

• 48 hours of rest in-between strength training sessions 

• Body weight is an effect strength training tool if an individual is training at home


How FLEXIBLE are you really?

Flexibility and mobility reduces day to day pain an individual may have from being sedentary. While increasing blood flow, energy levels, and improve balance becoming more flexible helps reduce risk of falling in all populations. Center of Disease Control recommends adults should practice flexibility 2-3 days per week.

Ways to improve flexibility include: 

• Take/find an online yoga or Pilates class

• Add simple stretches while sitting at your desk, in class, or while standing

• Stretch after a workout when muscles are warm

The Get Moving Challenge is in the third week. Enter your steps by the end of today.  Each following week, you will keep track of your steps or convert them from other forms of activity (swimming, strength training, stair climbing…) and log them online.  


Yoga converts to steps too! We are excited to bring Kay right to you! Kay will be LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10:00am through the end of the semester! Join us on Zoom HERE, meeting ID: 797 785 190, password: zenin10


Before you go...Stretch BREAK!

Is sitting at your desk causing you physical stress? You’re not alone. Many individuals spend the majority of our waking day sitting in front of a computer or relaxing in front of the television. All of this day-to-day inactivity causes our joints and muscles to get stiff and places stress on our bodies in different ways. Incorporating stretching & stretch breaks into your daily routine can help improve your productivity, ability to handle stress, and overall well-being. Stretching on a regular basis can help reduce muscular fatigue, tension, pain, and degenerative joint or disc problems and reenergizes your body.


Did Someone Say PRIZES?!

LOG IN and enter your steps today! The goal is to get you moving or to get you to more MORE. Don't forget each week there are chances to win individual or team prizes with SIX $100 Grand Prizes (2 for students, 2 for faculty/staff/friends/family, 2 for Altru) given at the end.


What IS the Get Moving Challenge?

Altru and the University of North Dakota have launched a partnership to bring together ideas, resources and opportunities to promote health and wellness across our organizations and the larger community. The Get Moving Challenge is another one of our collaborations created to encourage and promote lifelong well being. We are excited for you to participate in our walking/step conversion program!

Get Moving Challenge runs from August 30 - September 26!

Log your steps today!