Enjoy the winter season

and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

The early winter months are full of cheer and good spirits! They are also full of stress, hectic schedules, and over eating. All of the extra activities can throw you off of a normal routine. Did you know?! During the period between November-January the average American individual weight gain is about 5 pounds from overindulging and lack of movement. 


Did someone say PRIZES?!

Enter for your chance to win 1 of 2 Winter Wellness prizes! Everyone who is registered for the Winter Wellness Challenge and has completed at least 3 activities in each category by December 23rd will be entered! Winners will be drawn after the first of the New Year. Good Luck!!

Track online or on a tracking sheet!


The Winter Wellness Challenge was created to encourage and promote lifelong wellbeing. When the winter months come around,

the Winter Wellness Challenge can be a positive solution! Encouraging everyone to try their best and find balance can help people adapt to the hectic schedule. Find out more strategies here


The Winter Wellness Challenge runs December 7 - December 18.

Register and log your activities today!