Are you ready to start MOVING?!

maybe just a little?

Join Work Well and participate in Wellness BINGO! You will stretch, socialize, relieve stress, and get your blood circulating throughout the next 4 weeks!

Living a sedentary lifestyle is an epidemic in workplaces all over the United States. The average person who works a sedentary occupation spends almost 11 HOURS A DAY inactive!

Whether you are working in the office or at home, breaking up sitting time with movement may provide positive effects on a person's overall wellness and can increase metabolism, boost mood, and decrease waist circumference!


Did someone say PRIZES?!

Work Well will be giving away FIVE - $20 Gift Cards (if you have 2 BINGOs after week 2) and TWO - $100 GRAND PRIZES at the end of the program (if you have achieved blackout). Good luck!!


What IS Wellness BINGO?

Wellness BINGO is a Work Well sponsored program geared to build your awareness around movement and how to incorporate it more in our daily lives.

Wellness BINGO runs from January 10 - February 6! 

Complete your squares or register TODAY!