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Here’s some tips to help work on your posture (and earn that square!):

Posture while at work can be the last thing on a person's mind. Proper seating at your desk, body alignment, and correction flexion of the joints are all important when sitting during the work day. 

Ears, shoulders, and hips should be aligned. Hips and thighs should be at a 90 degree angle to the floor, with feet flat or supported by a foot rest. Monitors should be at eye-level and about an arms length away from a seated position.

Standing at your desk is a great way to be active during the day! Sitting and standing position should look very similar. When standing, it is important to remember to keep your torso parallel with the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. An anti-fatigue floor mat should be used and the height of the desk should keep the monitor at eye-level and about an arms-length away from your standing position.  Keep those elbows near 90-110 degrees and wrists neutral!


Did someone say PRIZES?!

Work Well will be giving away FIVE - $20 Gift Cards (if you have 2 BINGOs after week 2) and TWO - $100 GRAND PRIZES at the end of the program (if you have achieved blackout). Good luck!!


What IS Wellness BINGO?

Wellness BINGO is a Work Well sponsored program geared to build your awareness around movement and how to incorporate it more in our daily lives.

Wellness BINGO runs from January 10 - February 6! 

Complete your squares TODAY!