Spouses can earn points towards a

$250 Wellness Benefit too! Want to learn how?!

Earn an additional 25,000 points (equivalent to $500 per household) by having covered spouses engage in wellness activities!


Are you looking to get started earning points

towards your $250 Wellness Benefit?!

FIRST: Register (if you haven't already done so)!

Step-by-step instructions with pictures HERE

SECOND: Complete the Health Risk Assessment! 

This is required at the start of each new year for all participants.

For more information HERE

THEN: Earn Points Toward Your $250 Wellness Benefit! 

Learn more about the Fitness Center Reimbursement HERE

LATER: Redeem Your Wellness Benefits!

Step-by-step instructions with pictures HERE

Must be redeemed by 12.31.2021