April 2021

Wellness Spotlight

While stress in small doses is a good thing, chronic stress can cause extreme health issues. Stress is believed to trigger 70% of visits to doctors and 85% of serious illnesses. In the United States, nearly 2 in 3 adults say they have experienced increase stress of the course of the pandemic. April is Stress Awareness Month and the April Wellness Spotlight details a helpful guide to coping with stress! Additionally, we share information about the fear of negative evaluation, which causes stress in many workplaces!


Check Us Out!

Zen in 10 was showcased last week on Valley News Live! Kay Williams, the certified yoga Relax and Renew instructor is highlighted.  A round of applause for all her work and the 6 year anniversary of Zen in 10! Here’s the article! Watch the video on Facebook or Twitter!

What's Happening?!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Nutrition BINGO Challenge!  Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners: Jenny Bladow and Kristi Kuntz!

Hey! WATER you up to?! Drinking enough water everyday is good for overall health! Plain drinking water has zero calories, helps with managing body weight and reduces caloric intake when substituted for drinks with calories (like regular soda).  Registration starts today! The challenge runs from April 11 - May 8 . Click here to register!

Raising children to understand the value of a dollar is one of the most important gifts you can give as a parent. 

Join Nanci Wilson from University Federal Credit Union as she helps you discover how your children's personalities can often tell you what their financial personality could look like! 

Join us on Zoom HEREmeeting ID: 929 7317 0970password: 333476

Optimism 101 will provide you with tips to foster optimism and a toolkit to navigate change. This session will give you the opportunity to stretch your thinking and move forward. Join Staff Senate on April 13 @ 2-3:15PM by registering for free HERE.

We want to celebrate YOU! All events are FREE!

Staff Luncheon - Tuesday, April 13 @ Wilkerson Parking Lot: 11AM - 1PM

Night Staff Breakfast - Tuesday, April 13 @ Wilkerson Parking Lot: 6 - 7AM


This brand-new challenge will start mid-May!

Virtual Zen in 10 will continue to bring Kay LIVE to you on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10:00am until May 27! Join us on Zoom HERE, meeting ID: 797 785 190, password: zenin10

Vaccines for All Faculty & Staff

Grand Forks has expanded COVID-19 vaccinations to the general public, including all UND employees! Log in to MyChart or call 701.780.6358 to schedule. If you live out of state, you’re still eligible to be vaccinated at the Alerus Center. Thrifty White also has vaccines available. Take the UND shuttle bus for a FREE ride to the Alerus Center.

What's your 'minus' 19?

Join the UND Healthy Hawks COVID 'minus' 19 Facebook group today! In this group, we encourage the entire campus community to set a health-related goal for themselves, based on the number 19.  That goal is up to you! Join us HERE!  Oh! And watch for some prize giveaways!

Crock Pot Cooking: Leave work on Friday with a tasty homemade dinner in hand for FOUR! From savory to refreshing, these recipes are sure to keep you coming back for more.  Please register HERE, cost is $20.

Interested in meeting other Faculty and/or Staff members that have the same hobbies/interests that you do? Make new friends and learn something new by joining our Facebook groups! We currently have two groups: Cooking, Crafing, Creativity and TV, Movies, Books, Music. Build new friendships and share your hobbies with others!

Remember to take your annual LifeScore Health Assessment so you can receive your Fitness Center Reimbursement and be eligible to earn a $250 wellness benefit ($500 per household). Learn more HERE.

Wellness Education Opportunities: Work Well has put together several different resources for UND employees to learn about adapting to their new working environment. Need some pointers on stretches or mental health coping strategies? Check it out HERE!

Working out and being active doesn't have to happen in a gym. Discover a variety of workout options you can complete virtually anywhere! Join UND Personal Trainer Matt Bakken as he leads you through an entire month of workouts - no equipment needed. Start at anytime HERE!

COVID-19 Testing Events

There will be standard COVID-19 testing throughout April at the  Pollard Athletic Center. There also will be rapid COVID-19 testing at a variety of times and locations on campus. Stop by when it’s convenient for you! 

Ready to Get Moving at Home?  UND Wellness & Health Promotion has partnered with Mossa On-Demand to provide Faculty, Staff and Students the opportunity to work out anytime, anywhere you choose using your own TV, mobile app or computer. There are over 70 workouts to choose from with new ones added regularly. Workouts can range from 10 - 60 minutes in length, but you can pick and choose which ones to do, making it your own work out.  Sign up for a 14-day free trial and then its only $9.99/month.  Let’s Keep Moving this winter!

Nominate your co-worker!! With all the changes in locations for employees and the University still open and running remotely, now is a perfect time to celebrate our amazing employees!!

The UShine Award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who went above and beyond, with an annual award chosen each May!

UND faculty, staff, students and public are encouraged to nominate and recognize a UND Staff member who did something special or extraordinary to assist a colleague, supervisor, student or family.

Check out Kay's latest Zen in 10 sessions on YouTube!

We know how much you miss Kay and Zen in 10!  Please take a few minutes and enjoy some stress relieving fun with Kay HERE!

Angel Fund: Be an Angel for UND students today! We know that life can bring unexpected challenges. We never want a student to leave UND because of a situation that is beyond their control.  The UND Angel Fund provides support for students so these challenges aren't a barrier to completing their education. To make a gift, visit the UND Alumni page HERE. Your kindness matters.  Thank you for supporting students through the UND Angel Fund.

It's a new year! The Dakota Wellness Voucher points start over. It will help you earn points towards your $250 wellness benefit. Employees are able to earn vouchers through completing Work Well sponsored challenges and virtual programs. Vouchers will be sent out monthly so employees can upload their own completed vouchers into their StayWell account.  

As a benefited UND employee, you can earn up to 15,000 points by completing Work Well wellness events and challenges. Employees must upload their own vouchers to earn points and points must be used by December 31, 2021.

Work Well has created a list of activities/events/challenges that will count towards your points.  Once you have completed a Work Well sponsored activity/event/challenge, we will send you the voucher so you can upload it.  If there is an activity/event that is not Work Well sponsored, but still on the approved list, email Work Well and we will provide you with the completed form to upload.  

Because there are no real precedents for our current situation, Altru has put together some general concepts and strategies in their Health & Wellness blog that may help people cope when faced with new challenges.  Read it HERE.

Diabetes can be prevented, but not cured. Take control of your health and start making positive lifestyle changes with the help of a trained lifestyle coach and fun, engaging support groups. Groups: NDSU Extension, Grand Forks Senior Center, Sanford Health Plan, YMCA & Altru. Learn more: National Diabetes Prevention Program



NDPERS April Wellness Newsletter:
We all need different solutions to be successful in our individual wellness pursuit.  The Dakota Wellness Program for NDPERS members offers just that - a broad mix of tools and a variety of education to encourage and support you in your wellness journey. 

Don't Cancel Class:
FACULTY: Not able to hold class, for any reason? Wellness & Health Promotion has you covered! With Don’t Cancel Class, you have a variety of Health & Wellness topics/presentations to choose from and a member of our team will remotely present to your class!  To learn more about the presentations available and reserve a date!

UND is a Tobacco Free Campus. If you are ready to quit, UND offers unique benefits to help Faculty and Staff who are interested in quitting smoking or chewing tobacco. Get help to quit and cover the costs. Learn more here.

It's never too soon or too late for parents to make a positive impact on their child's health and well-being. As a parent, you play a powerful role in supporting the behavioral health of your kids. Parents Lead helps parents find resources on topics that will help you lay the foundation for a healthy home where everyone thrives.

Profile by Sanford:
UND is now a Preferred Employer!  Profile combines nutrition, activity and lifestyle into a weight loss plan that is easy to follow and made just for you.  They help you stick to your new, healthier life and keep it going well into the future. Read more…

WW (formerly Weight Watchers):
Work Well continues to offer UND employees a $50 return up to 3 times a year if they are enrolled and meet the attendance criteria.  Click here to learn more about the WW Studio in Grand Forks.