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Bloom with Us Overview

Growing and nurturing indoor plants in the workplace is an easy way of removing air pollutants, decreasing stress, and maintaining healthy minds and bodies. Work Well partnered with NDSU Extension to show you the basics of planting and caring for indoor office plants.

Type of Plant

For those who signed up for Bloom with Us, they received their very own green ivy plant. Other great options for plants to keep in your home or office are pothos plants, philodendrons, or fiddly figs. Succulents are another trendy option to keep in your home or office. 


The frequency of watering your plant depends on the soil and type of plant. In Bloom with Us, Carrie Knutson, NDSU Extension Agent, shares that the best way to see if your plant needs to be watered is to put your knuckle into the soil and feel for moisture. Soil should dry to the point that the plant approaches moisture stress between watering intervals.

Proper pot drainage is critical. All the soil in a pot should be wetted thoroughly each time the plant is watered. Always empty the drainage water from the catch basin beneath your plant container after each watering. 


Reading the descriptions is crucial to know how much sunlight your plant needs after you have purchased it. If you have a plant that calls for low to medium sunlight, place it in a North facing window of your home or office. For a plant that calls for lots of sunlight, a South or West facing window is great to ensure your plant is getting enough sunlight. 


Green Ivy Tips & Tricks

If you received a green ivy from the Bloom with Us event, don't forget:

• To place it in bright light

• Keep in a cooler environment (if possible)

• Maintain moist soil!


 Check out NDSU Extension's website HERE to learn more about horticulture in Grand Forks County!