What does water consumption look like at UND*?


In the Spring of 2018, 215 Faculty, Staff and Students were asked, “Do you feel like UND gives you adequate access to water?”... resounding 85% said they agreed! How fantastic!! Knowing that UND has at least one (usually several) water fountains in every academic building and a total of 292 water fountains and 97 bottle filling stations on campus shows that actual water access matches perception.  What’s even better?! That 77% of those surveyed use a reusable water bottle throughout the week and that they love the refillable water stations throughout campus. Whoo Hoo!


Through qualitative questioning, students asked 19 participants some open-ended questions about barriers to drinking water and how they can increase their consumption of water.  Here are some fantastic ideas to keep you hydrated:

• Keep a water bottle at work

• Keep your reusable water bottle on your desk.

• Set an alarm to remind you to drink your water.

• Add sugar-free flavoring or sliced fruit to your water to keep it appealing.


Don’t forget to LOG IN and “fill” your glasses of water this week! We are on the last week (week 4 - switch the drop down)! OH! And don't forget the Grand Prize drawing is next week (March 30th)! Four whole weeks of FULL glasses AND filling out the post-assessment gets your name in for a chance at $100 Gift Card!! 

Remember: 8 ounces of water equals 1 “glass” of water.  “Fill” 8 glasses each day to reach the minimum recommended 64 ounces (the Work Well water bottle holds around 20 ounces).


*The information in this email was gathered through a community assessment conducted by the University of North Dakota public health nursing students in spring of 2018 for the primary purpose of student learning.  The data was collected by students as a classroom learning experience, and thereby Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval was not required for the data collected.  Therefore, the data that was collected is limited to internal use only by our agency for program planning purposes within the agency and cannot be disseminated further.  The ways this cannot be disseminated includes, but is not limited to: use of findings in additional reports, grant applications, oral or poster presentations; giving the report or any of its content to other agencies or officials; or releasing any information contained within the report to the media. 


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