Nistler College of Business & Public Administration early September progress update

Progress Update

The air barrier is complete at the north tower and north entrance. Glazing on the north elevation and tower continues to be installed. Masonry is continuing on the east elevation S3 and the east half of the north elevation.

North elevation framing and sheathing are complete. Framing and sheathing is continuing at the south and east skyways.

Installation of insulation board, nailer base and vapor barrier is near completion on the north facing slope of the roof. Shingling is continuing on the sloped roof. Parapet cap is continuing on S2 east elevation.

The piers and footings have started on the landscape benches. Level 1 in-wall rough-in inspections have been completed. Level 2 inspections are ongoing.

Overhead duct work, electrical, mechanical, plumbing installation is ongoing on first, second and third floor. Drywall installation is ongoing on third floor. Level 2 tape and finish has started.

Quality Corner

Throughout the entire project, we have been taking weekly progress photos to track the progress of construction. We use a 360-degree camera, and all of these photos are stored on software that we can access if needed. One of the biggest benefits to taking these weekly photos is being able to capture what is in the wall prior to sheetrock being installed. We are able to locate plumbing, electrical and in-wall wood backing within the walls.

Upcoming Work

  • North elevation glazing and east CW mullions
  • East elevation S3 and north elevation masonry
  • Shingling on sloped roof
  • East elevation parapet cap S2 and S3
  • South and east skyway framing
  • Landscape bench piers, footings and foundation walls
  • Level 4 exterior insulation and metal panels
  • Interior S3 layout, framing, and MEP rough-in
  • Interior Level 1 S3 inwall rough-in, HVAC and overhead rough-in
  • Interior S1 inwall rough-in, overhead rough-in and drywall
  • Elevator delivery and installation
  • Level 3 S2 paint
  • Level 2 S2 tape and finish