CEHD Research In Press: October 2022


Dr. Ethan Dahl received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which funds a suicide prevention program called North Dakota Healthcare, Opportunity, Prevention, and Education in Suicide prevention (ND HOPES) for nearly $1 million per year for five years. Dr. Dahl will serve as PI and will partner with NORC at the University of Chicago, along with several state government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Thomasine Heitkamp, a research developer in the office of the UND vice president of research and economic development, was integral in developing the partnerships and proposal. The ND HOPES program, grounded in routine and comprehensive surveillance, will be carried out in three tiers. The community-based Tier 1 will provide training on suicide warning signs and how to recognize individuals at risk of suicide. For Tier 2, ND Hopes will strengthen access and delivery of suicide care through the implementation of Zero Suicide, which is both an aspirational goal and a set of tools and strategies to effectively implement suicide care in health and behavioral health care settings. As part of Tier 3, ND HOPES will address provider shortages through outreach and delivery of suicide care in Coal Country community clinics, federally qualified health centers, critical access hospitals and inpatient psychiatric settings in the program’s 21-county catchment area in western North Dakota. A full story on the grant was recently published in UND Today.

Dr. Ethan Dahl also received a grant from the Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities. This grant will address how individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in rural areas are in increased need of quality intervention-based services to address problems such as social isolation. This program will connect adults with ASD via focus groups and participation in a 6-8 session ECHO network to discuss the topic of social isolation, build social and leadership skills, and create a community for social connection among the participants. 

Dr. Jesse Rhoades received a grant from the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) to examine critical restrictions for individuals with disabilities within current US spacecraft. Spacecraft mockups will be built in the BiPed lab, and individuals with various disabilities will test various procedures in these Mockups. Of particular concern will be the Ingress and Egress of the vessels, along with routine spacecraft operations. Dr. Rhoades will be the primary Biomechanist for this grant and will conduct the collection of all motion capture data, thus his BiPed lab is critical because motion capture will allow for quantitative analysis of possible restrictions within these mockups.

Dr. Jesse Rhoades also received a grant from the U.S. Army Research Office. With this grant, the research team will develop a field-deployable, inexpensive “sleepiness” detector. Dr. Rhoades will provide balance and 2D kinematic analysis for the program. The goal is to provide soldiers with a means to determine fitness for action based upon underlying tiredness that may reduce their mission effectiveness. 


Dr. Sagini Keengwe is a professor in the department of Teaching, Leadership, and Professional Practice. He is currently the coordinator of the Undergraduate Elementary Education program. He previously taught at Indiana State University where he also received his PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology. His primary research interests focus on constructivist pedagogies, digital technologies integration in education, and social justice in higher education.  

Dr. Keengwe has published extensively in scholarly books and refereed journals articles. His published research is accessible in several libraries including UND’s Chester Fritz Library that has acquired over 25 book titles. The majority of his books are indexed by major indices like Scopus, Thompson Reuters, and Web of Science. The large number of citations (for instance, more than 6000 times in Google scholar) shows the impact of his scholarship in education. Further, several of his journal articles have been used as justification for dissertations and professional development in school districts across the nation.  

Dr. Keengwe’s work was honored with the UND Foundation/McDermott Faculty Award for Excellence in academic Advising. He was a recipient of the North Dakota Spirit Faculty Achievement Award in recognition of significant contributions in teaching, research, and service. Dr. Keengwe was also a recipient of the International Institute of Education Fellowship under the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP)) – a scholar fellowship program for educational projects at African higher education institutions. The program is funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY).  


CEHD faculty are in bold, and CEHD students are underlined


North Dakota Healthcare, Opportunity, Prevention, and Education in Suicide prevention (ND HOPES), Funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (September 15, 2022 – September 14, 2027) ($5,000,000), Funded – In Progress, PI Ethan Dahl 

Addressing Social Isolation Among Rural Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Creating Community and Improving Health via ECHO, Funded by the Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (October 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023) ($54,230.00), Awarded, PI Ethan Dahl, CoInvestigator Canyon Hardesty 

Deleon, P., Crisman, K., & Rhoades, J. (2022). A Preliminary Study on the Feasibility of current US Spacecraft Systems to Support Parastronaut Activities. National Aeronautics Space Administration, US. ($100,000; Funded) 

Thimgan, T., Verble, R., Smaranayake, V., Hercula, S., Rhoades, J. (2022). Anticipating and detecting cognitive decrements during uneven workloads that impair sustained CBRN missions. U.S. Army Research Office, FOA, W911NF-17-S-0003. ($499,999, Funded) 


Roegman, R., Goodwin, L., Reagan, E. M., Vernikoff, L. Ahn, J., & Hoang, A. P. (In Press). Advancing racial equity in extended clinical practice. Equity & Excellence in Education. 

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