CEHD Research In Press: February 2023


Dr. Tanis Walch (Public Health Education) is this year’s co-recipient of the Founders Day UND Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Research and Creative Activity Award. This award recognizes an outstanding interdisciplinary team of UND faculty members (Isaac Karikari, Bret Weber, Tanis Walch, Ashley Bayne, and Carenlee Barkdull) who have made a collaborative and significant impact with their research or creative activity in terms of advancing science, producing a product or providing a service, or broadening our historical or esthetic understanding. The team self-organized to work with and for students to secure viable field placements with an applied research project focused on face mask usage in the local community.  This project, which started with an explicit goal to promote public health via the widespread use of face masks, was initiated during a time when this issue was becoming increasingly politicized nationally and locally. The team’s work included monitoring mask usage rates at local grocery stores (entailing 244 hours of recorded observations of over 16,000 individuals), ten semi-structured key informant interviews conducted via Zoom with university, city, and community health leaders, and a community survey receiving over 2000 responses. This real-time local data collected in the midst of the crisis led to both policy advocacy efforts behind the scenes and with well-received student presentations to the Grand Forks City Council. 

CEHD will host a professional development session entitled, Conducting Equity & Social Justice Research in North Dakota, on Thursday February 23 from 11:30-1:00 in room 109 Education and  https://und.zoom.us/my/robstupnisky The session will involve a panel of UND faculty currently studying DEI issues in North Dakota and nationally, and is intended to inform and open discussion on current events in the state. Panelists include Drs. Tamba-Kuii Bailey, Diana D’Amico Pawlewicz, Casey Ozaki, and Bob Newman.

Faculty and students are invited to submit to the CEHD Annual Research Conference, held on Thursday April 6 in the UND Memorial Union. The conference showcases the latest scholarship from CEHD faculty and graduate students via research talks and posters. The conference will also present the CEHD Excellence in Research Awards.

According to the latest Higher Education Research Expenditures (HERD) survey, the UND CEHD had $3,015,000 in research expenditures in 2021, which ranks the college as #121 in research funding in the USA (out of 554 institutions). This is an improvement from 2020 in which CEHD had expenditures of $2,654,000 and ranked #124. The college continues to accomplish grant funding increases year over year!

The Bureau of Evaluation and Research Services (BEARS) provides state-of-the-art and affordable research, design, collection, analysis and reporting services to meet the needs of their stakeholders. We service organizations in education, human development, and related fields to assist leaders in making evidence-based decisions. In doing so, the Bureau trains the next generation of North Dakota researchers through student supervised research for clients. Contact Robert.Stupnisky@und.edu to request BEARS services including the following:

  • Search and identify published research from electronic databases
  • Annotate and summarize research articles
  • Search and identify potential measurement instruments (e.g., survey scales)
  • Prepare materials for data collection (e.g., load scales onto Qualtrics)
  • Recruit for and monitor data collection (e.g., online surveys)
  • Prepare codebook (i.e., data dictionary)
  • Wrangle, clean, enter, and/or merge quantitative data
  • Conduct preliminary analyses on data (e.g., descriptive statistics, reliability)
  • Transcribe qualitative interview recordings
  • Edit a manuscript or grant application for format (e.g., APA) or journal
  • Search/identify potential research grants, summarize request for proposal (RFP)
  • Draft sections of a research grant (e.g., 1-3 paragraphs)
  • Prepare biosketches for grant submission


2022 was the first full calendar year for the CEHD Research In Press Blog, which this year included announcements of:

  • 46 faculty publications, of which 10 were coauthor by CEHD graduate students.
  • 53 presentations, of which 8 were state/local and 45 were national/international.
  • 10 grants awarded totaling $10 million


CEHD faculty are in bold, and CEHD students are underlined


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