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UND ranked #5 Best Online Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programs for 2020

For many working adults, an online engineering degree is the logical next step in their career. Adults who have been working for some time in fields like technology, construction, and similar areas with just a high school diploma or associate’s degree may find that their career potential is stunted. An online bachelor’s degree in engineering or engineering technology helps them move into higher positions and earn higher pay. But for busy professionals with life and family responsibilities, going back to school is too difficult. That’s what makes an online program ideal.

A key advantage of obtaining an engineering degree online is the flexibility of the program. An online engineering bachelor’s degree program allows you to work on your classes from any location as long as you have an Internet connection. You are not required to go to a college campus during specific hours, so you can work on your degree when you have the time. The convenience also stands out when you are evaluating online programs. Since the degree program is through an online format, you can work at any time you need. That allows you to work on your degree at home or when you are on the road or out of town. The convenience allows you to complete tasks without cutting into other obligations.

To rank the best engineering and engineering technology degree online programs, Bachelor’s Degree Center began by searching for accredited, reputable institutions offering an online or hybrid engineering or engineering technology program. From their primary list, they ranked programs according to criteria that matter to working adults: Tuition Cost, Student Reviews, Salary Expectations, Job Placement, and Graduation Rate. Data is drawn from College Scorecard, IPEDS, and Niche.



When you are looking for an online mechanical engineering bachelor degree or a related online degree in engineering, the University of North Dakota offers several options to fit your needs. The school offers six engineering concentrations for undergraduate studies and allows students to work when it fits their current situation. The flexibility of the online degree programs allows students to focus on pursuing their areas of interest and building on their capabilities while they work or keep up with personal obligations.

A key way the University of North Dakota stands apart is the combined programs available for students who want to pursue a higher level of education. Students can obtain an online bachelor’s degree in engineering and follow through with a combined degree program for a master’s degree. That helps accelerate your education and gives you a chance to move forward with your long-term plans for your degree.

What We Like: The University of North Dakota offers certifications and minors that enhance and improve your engineering degree to give you a strong foundation in interdisciplinary studies.

Program: BS in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering


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