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ME 417: Friction, Wear & Lubrication

Fall 2022

ME 417: Friction, Wear & Lubrication


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Class # 16465
TuThu 12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
UND Leonard Hall, Room 215

Class # 164654
UND Online

Prerequisites: ME 301 and admission to the professional Mechanical Engineering program, or declared mechanical engineering graduate student. Different major other than ME undergraduate/graduate students are encouraged to email Dr. Roy for approval.

Instructor: Dr. Sougata Roy, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Course Overview

This course is a technical elective in the domain of materials and manufacturing science. This course is also approved for graduate credit. The field of study focusing friction, wear and lubrication is called ‘Tribology’. Knowledge on tribology makes vital contribution to almost every area of industrial activity ranging from automotive, agricultural, aviation industries to biomedical sectors. This is also interconnected to surface engineering which is a sub-discipline of Materials Science and Engineering that deals with fundamental science relevant to surfaces. This course is designed in such a way that interdisciplinary students from various backgrounds and majors can attend to enhance their knowledge in a very practical field of science and engineering.

What you will learn

The main objective of this course is to enhance Unfortunately, most engineers do not have enough background in this area which is very important on almost all equipment used in industry. The course on Friction, Wear and Lubrication has been modeled to meet several participant takeaways such as:

  • Understanding laws of friction, mechanisms and factors which control the friction behavior of different components
  • Identifying different wear modes and relevant mechanisms
  • Recognizing different types of lubricants and lubrication regimes
  • Exploring the working principles of different instruments used in surface metrology from nano to macro scale
  • Identifying the failure modes and patterns in gear and bearing components
  • Understanding the concepts of green tribology and application in additive manufacturing domain
  • Appreciating the importance of subject matter through different case studies based on real-world industrial challenges