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Fall 2022 Graduate Student Micro-internships Opportunity with the City of Grand Forks

A2i students and mentors work together in an open campus environment

The following is an opportunity for UND graduate students.

The Graduate School has partnered with the City of Grand Fork’s Accelerate to Industry program and is now offering six micro-internships for interested students. Graduate students will be asked to co-facilitate a 4-hour professional workshop for city employees during the month of October. The six workshop topics are Professional Writing, Communication, Critical Thinking, Computer Skills, Soft Skills, and Leadership. The workshop curriculums have been completed, so students will only be responsible for the teaching of the material. Graduate students will be paid $300 by the city of Grand Forks for their facilitation of the workshops.

Applicants should have strong public speaking skills, knowledge of the workshop topic, and the ability to effectively collaborate with their co-facilitator.

Interested students should email and their workshop preferences, CV, and a public speaking example by 11:59pm on August 15.