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Dedication Ceremony for Technology Transportation Research Institute

February 27, 2023  //  2-3 p.m.

Upson I Building, Room 218


The UND community is invited to join us with the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to formally celebrate the opening of the Technology Transportation Research Institute. Following the ceremony, everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments and conversations.


The Transportation Technology Research Institute is located in the Upson I Building, in the center of the College of Engineering & Mines multi-building complex. The institute is on the second floor in room 218.

About the Transportation Technology Research Institute

This partnership between the University of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Transportation, named the Transportation Technology Research Institute (TTRI), will focus on UAS to improve transportation.

The TTRI’s mission is to serve the NDDOT by supporting its efforts to develop and maintain a modern transportation system. The TTRI will improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of intelligent, resilient, and sustainable transportation-related structures by utilizing advanced materials and tools such as autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, advancing transportation-related technologies by engaging in NDDOT research and training a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

The institute is divided into three focus areas: structures, materials and unmanned aerial systems. UND will lead the materials and UAS sections in coordination with NDDOT. NDDOT will lead the structures section and select design projects for UND students.

TTRI will engage in transportation research for NDDOT as well as train a highly skilled workforce for the future. Undergraduate juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students, will participate in the institute.

One of the immediate applications that can be explored is the use of UAS to perform detailed inspections of bridges without having to shut down lanes of traffic. This has big implications for enhancing safety while reducing and possibly eliminating annoying traffic delays.

Other activities the UND/NDDOT team include:

  • Developing I-29 from South Dakota and Canadian border as a smart corridor to test advancements in design, construction, instrumentation, and safety.
  • Working to mitigate wildlife crossing hazards through structural and material design.
  • Reducing costs of major highway construction projects by developing reusable precast concrete to create highway crossovers.