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UND Engineering VEX Robotics trailer unleashes robotic marvels at Fisher VEX Tournament

Tournament play at the event. UND owns the competition fields and electronics used to support the event. Photo courtesy of Andrew Dahlen.

On November 18th, the inaugural journey of the UND Engineering VEX Robotics Trailer marked a pivotal moment as it provided vital support to the Fisher VEX Robotics Tournament. The dynamic competition saw participation from 30 teams across the region, infusing an extra layer of excitement.

This tournament served as a thrilling platform for undergraduate students to showcase their innovation and technical prowess, both individually and collaboratively. It was a landmark year for the University of North Dakota as they debuted their VEX Robotics Team, leaving an indelible mark on the state qualifying event.

For a comprehensive list of competitors present at this event, explore the provided link. It’s noteworthy that UND not only participated but also played a significant role as the owner of the competition fields and electronics integral to the tournament’s success. The University of North Dakota’s College of Engineering & Mines emphasizes the significance of participating in VEX, considering it a clear demonstration of the university’s dedication to promoting STEM activities for K-12 education. Additionally, the college actively engages in outreach efforts to involve the broader community in these initiatives.

“We wanted to make sure we made an impact on these student’s perception of UND as a viable place to extend their VEX robotics passion as well as use their gained skills and knowledge as a viable career path as an engineer or computer scientist”, said Chad Frost, the Director of Recruiting and Outreach for the UND College of Engineering and Mines.

Andrew Dahlen, a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering department, took on the role of one of the event emcees. Adding to the dedicated team, Dan Cooley, an Academic Core Advisor, volunteered his expertise to manage and oversee the skills competition throughout the event. Notably, four judges who played a crucial role in the event were UND’s VEX U Team volunteers.

Under the sponsorship of the College of Engineering & Mines, the University of North Dakota is gearing up to host an exceptional VEX Robotics Tournament in February 2024. Orchestrated by the university’s passionate robotics community, including members of our esteemed University Robotics Teams, this upcoming tournament stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to technological advancement.

“Very proud of our UND Engineering Collegiate VEX student group on hosting an area high school VEX VRC scrimmage today at the Memorial Union. The UND VEX engineering students are helping 12 HS teams prepare for their upcoming tournaments by sharing ideas and “learning by doing”. Another example of UND building leaders in Engineering and Computer Science!”, said Chad Frost. See the full post on LinkedIn.

To learn more about the event, visit the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation website here.

Written by John Nguyen  //  UND College of Engineering & Mines