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VIDEO: EAPC Architects Engineers invests in the future of our design industry

Meet Ryan Lemker: UND student, President of the Rocketry Club, and EAPC Architects Engineers‘ scholarship recipient. A passionate future mechanical engineer, Ryan embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication.

In this video, Ryan shares, “Receiving a scholarship like this is an acknowledgment of the kind of work you put in. Having that acknowledgment and support behind you and through this scholarship pushes you to do more.”

Brian Tande, Dean of the College of Engineering & Mines, highlights the essential collaboration between academia and industry leaders like EAPC: “Colleges of Engineering can’t operate in a vacuum. We can’t just decide these are the things our students need to learn. We rely on industry partners like EAPC to provide input into curriculum design.”

EAPC’s commitment to fostering talent through scholarships is not just a contribution; it’s an investment in the future of our industry. EAPC is excited to support Ryan’s journey and can’t wait to see the incredible things he will achieve.

Watch Ryan’s story and join us in celebrating his achievements and EAPC’s partnership with UND!


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