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Quality of Life Resources

Map of North Dakota
Photo credit: Carport [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons
Are you thinking about buying a new computer or phone? Do you want to find out more about your ancestors or local historical figures? Are you interested in information about health issues or prescription pharmaceuticals? Did you just finish a book and want to read something similar?

You’re in luck! There is a wonderful guide that details the “quality of life” resources available to you as a member of the University of North Dakota community (some available through UND and others accessible thanks to the North Dakota State Library).

  • Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit organization that speaks to consumer-related issues and trends and advocates for consumer rights. The magazine includes articles to help consumers learn more about products and other helpful information, and the organization tests various product types (such as cars, tires, laptops, cameras, dishwashers, and so on) and maintains ratings in these specific categories.
  • Ancestry Library Edition (ALE) is a version of that is available at many public libraries and can be used to search genealogical materials. Although some of the collaborative or personalized aspects of are unavailable on this edition, users are still able to find many records in the more than 10,000 individual databases contained within ALE to help their genealogical or historical research. The guide includes an in-depth tutorial on research tips.
  • Consumer Health Complete (CHC) offers health-related information to consumers that pulls data and articles from journals, magazines, reference books, health reports, pamphlets, and more. Created to make healthcare information more accessible and understandable, CHC allows users to search within document type by subject keywords.
  • Other resources include access to TutorND for homework assistance and NoveList to help readers find new books to read that are similar to others that they’ve read and loved.

Check out the research guide today and keep checking back for new or updated resources. Additionally, head over to the ND State Library online resources page for even more great tools!