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You are not alone!

LGBTQ+ book covers from the You Are Not Alone book & graphic novel displayThanks to the contributions of our generous donors!

What can your library do with donor contributions? A lot! For example, we currently have our “YOU ARE NOT ALONE: New LGBTQ+ Books and Graphic Novels” display up at the library through March 2018. How did we acquire this collection? Through donor funds!

A huge thank you to our anonymous donor who contributed—once again—funds for the Chester Fritz Library to purchase new, positive and supportive, LQBTQ+ themed materials for our collection. These materials include new DVDs, novels, graphic novels, and nonfiction materials including biographies and health and wellbeing related resources. Check out the full list of recently purchased materials.


As a Composition teacher focusing on LGBTQ+ issues in my classroom, these new titles are incredibly welcome—so many of my students have already made use of the new collection and it’s just exciting to be able to point them to resources that weren’t available before or to have a new text that suits their needs better than anything they might be able to find elsewhere. Additionally, as an LGBTQ+ member of the UND community, and someone who uses Gender and Sexuality studies in my work all the time, this gift and these new titles are immediately useful for me and the research I do. Last but not least, this sort of reflects an acceptance and a belonging at UND that I hadn’t seen so deliberately stated up until I got to have a hand in recommending titles to be part of this collection and see the finished product. And that is a really powerful, incredibly meaningful thing.  (Casey Kohs, ENG130 Instructor)

We focus on acquiring the most scholarly, nonbiased, and diverse materials that we can find to include in our valuable collections at the Chester Fritz Library in order to support students, staff, instructors, and faculty in their curriculum and research needs.

Want to learn more about how to donate funds for specific types of materials in the collection? Contact Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries.

Special thanks to Sara Kuhn for this guest post and for compiling the list of new LGBTQ+ materials!