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Peer Research Consultants

In September 2019, we’ll launch a new service called Peer Research Consultants (PRCs). In 2016, our Access Services student supervisor, Karlene Clark, was voted Student Supervisor of the Year for UND and ND, for designing, developing, and implementing a new student training program. The program’s been adopted by libraries in many states and is the focus of a published article and a conference presentation, authored with colleagues Stephanie Walker and Holly Gabriel, respectively, and archived in the UND Scholarly Commons. The fundamental principle is recognition that students are often anxious about approaching librarians or others in positions of authority; they’re more comfortable with peers. So we’re giving intensive training to some stellar students who work in CFL. They’ll help with quick queries. If a question is complex they’ll refer the patron to a subject librarian, who’ll either help immediately or make an appointment if the patron prefers. Similar programs have been successfully implemented at Grand Valley State University and other universities. PRCs themselves also gain improved research and communication skills. PRCs will work in the Knowledge Commons in Fall 2020.